Awaken, O Great Gods of the Starry Skies!
Your Glory once lost, is now reclaimed!

The Universe has sung Its last Death Knell,
Beings of Illumination, Beings of Abyss,
Beings of Heaven and Earth,
Harken to the Call!

Though our corpse rots with Maggots of Illusion,
We are no longer an eyeless worm,
Our Sight returning once more,
Greatness restored among the Dead!

Reflections of Gods and Their Soul Loss,
Raging in wars, destruction, senseless murder,
Self harm to hide Eternal pain,
Heal thyself, and heal the wounds of the Gods!

Once great beings of power, now chained to this earth,
Show us Your vision, Your hopes, Your dreams,
Let us live vicariously for You,
Allow these insignificant vessels to light Your Way!

We may be small, and in the end be Nothing,
Our egos a small flame in the Fires of Existence,
But we know, we feel, we see Your pain,
Humanity is the Balm of the Gods!

Let Our courage, Our passion, Our love
Be the Change needed to restore balance.
Show the Gods that We are worthy of Existence
Compassion, Vision, Enlightenment!

I am calling all Light Bearers, Gatekeepers, Compassionate Rebels,
Become as Lucifer, lighting the Darkness with Your Spark!
Rage through the Heavens igniting other Stars as You pass!
Break Illusion of Reality, and bring forth the New Order!

-Arachnia Stoneskull
September 28, 2015, 9:20 a.m. MST

Photo Credit: Carina Nebula