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In Ritual Preparation, Part I, I discussed the importance of research, bathing, and correspondences. After preparing for the ritual, it is time to begin actively moving energy. This article will consist of using techniques regarding shielding, grounding and opening up your vessel (your physical body) to channel energy.

Sheilding is a great way to set boundaries, not only with outside entities, but yourself. I create shields before opening my vessel for energy work.

The main shield I use while doing energy work is envisioning my body and soul with colors, or other imagery, that I feel represent a shield. When envisioning a two colored shield, allow one color to enter from the crown (directly above the head) or soul chakra (about two feet above the crown), and then allow the other color to enter from your toes into your body. Allow the colors to intermingle. Next, set the intention as the colors flows through your body, becoming one color, allowing the energy to ensure protection and amplifying your power.
There are many other shields including the mirror shield and the egg-energy shield that people use. You may find most of these basic shields on sites or in energy working books, especially ones regarding the chakras. However, I have used and employed the many techniques in the book, The Path of Energy: Awaken Your Personal Power and Expand Your Conciousness, by Dr. Synthia Andrews, ND. I find the meditations and shields in this book to be more than adequate regarding shielding and grounding techniques.


This is the basic instructions for grounding, which I was taught in a spiritual group I attend, by Jason D. Rollins. It is a variation of a ‘tree’ grounding. This may be done sitting straight, or standing.

1. Breathe in four deep breaths.

2. Feel your toes , fingers, and spine elongate and grow roots into the ground. Let the roots reach deep into the earth.

3. Feel energy, a white light, enter through the roots and fill your body.

4. After filling your body with white light, feel yourself grow taller and your head open, branching out to the Heavens. Allow gold energy to flow from the sky and into your crown, filling your body with light.

5. Imagine the energy intermingling, allowing the energy to naturally flow from the earth and the sky.

6. When your being is filled, close the branches from the crown, then allow the excess energy to flow into the earth.

7. Feel your roots return to the spine, toes and fingers.

8. Count back from five and open your eyes.

Opening one’s self up like a battery is similar to the tree meditation, except for a few last steps. This allows a person to access the energy they need through their vessel, without feeling as tired or drained from using personal energy.

Starting from step 5, while allowing the energies to mingle, imagine your body becoming a conduit for limitless power from both the earth and the sky. Setting the intention and keeping the energy flowing, generates the necessary energy for the working.

Keep this channel open while you gather energy through out your working, and release it during the ritual. Then follow steps 6-8. Don’t forget to ground the excess energy, as left over energy can leave a person feeling energetic and anxious. Occasionally a burnout can happen if the channels are not properly closed.

While in the state of allowing energy to flow through you, you should not have any trouble conducting your ritual to gather and release enough energy to achieve your goal.

There are many books and sites on how to shield, ground, and gather energy. I would suggest looking up the many different ways to each, and then practice what feels most comfortable to you. After all, it’s the techniques that work for you that are most important to your practices.

-Arachnia Stoneskull

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