Previously, I wrote about the type of guides a person may choose to work with. In this article, I will explain ways of communication in more detail, and how to care for your altar dedicated to your guides.

I find the Golden Rule, “Do unto others, as you would have done unto you,” to be a very effective way to gage how to treat other beings. There are some instances where their way of communication, or showing affection, will be much different than you are expecting. Boundaries are important, but learning the idiosyncrasies of the being you work with is even more effective. This is why two of the most important traits other beings find impressive is to set boundaries and be respectful. Depending on the situation, even if you do not worship beings, it is respectful to bow and defer to them. It is good to remember that there is always someone higher in rank to us, and are even those that are higher in rank than the Gods. Respect goes a long way, and though we have a semblance of Free Will, it is good to show that we understand the pecking order and how things work. Another good way to think of it is greasing the wheels of a bureaucracy.


Altars are one of the easiest ways to communicate and establish a connection with guides and deity. There are several different kind of altars you may use to honor and establish a relationship with the deity or the guide you are working with.

I am going to include some examples of what I do maintain these relationships, and feed the beings I work with.

1. Gods and Goddesses: I usually set up altars the more Wiccan way, with the Goddess and feminine objects on my left (which is their right, if they are facing the other side), and the God and masculine objects on the right (their left). Objects on the feminine side include the chalice (water) and salt (earth), while the masculine includes the incense (air) and athame/knife (fire). I also leave libations for special events, when working them, or as a gift of gratitude.

2. Ancestors/The Dead: Though there are more traditional ways to set up altars, I personally find that setting up a small space is effective. This altar may contain a picture, personal effects, or something they liked, such as favorite flowers or candy. Some people like to burn candles in honor of the dead, too. You may also include a cloth or other items that include their favorite color.

3. Spirit Guides/Personal Guides: These come in many forms, and they each have their own personalities. Though many do not require altars, occasionally they may ask for a gift or offering. The beings I work with usually have asked for gifts, including stones, statues and even incense. The biggest benefit of keeping an altar for Spirit Guides, is the opportunity to communicate with them, releasing stress, and when giving offerings, you allow them to manifest themselves closer to this reality.

4. Guardians: These beings are under contract, and you’ll know what they wish to have on their altar. Some things that have been asked of me is stones, statues, libations and cake, jewelry, and even simple things like drawings or poetry. Each guardian is an individual and having Free Will they will ask for different items and favors. Since this is a contract,they will expect payment more so than any other being.

5. Celestials (Angels, Djinn, Demi-gods, etc.): If altars are kept for these beings, you may have a statue or picture for their representation, along with some correspondences on their altars. Burning incense is an acceptable offering. If you are communicating with these beings as mediators, daily offerings and candle vigils are appropriate in order to get to know them.

I do not practice Voodoo, Catholism, or certain traditions, so these are my own personal preferrences. There are many ways to do altars, though some deities and entities are specific about correspondences and altars. Most will work with you if there is genuine intention behind the offerings. Since altars are personal, every altar is individual.

Spirit Communication

The most common spirit communication that I have seen and experienced, is what people call the Holy Spirit or “still, small voice”. Though some would argue it is just your subconscious connecting with the conscious, whenever asking a question to a specific entity, it works the same way. You will either hear or see a word, or image, regarding the question you asked. Sometimes it comes as just “knowing” the answer, but sometimes it is resurfacing the answer from the deep recess of the mind.

A perfect example of this, is I had a friend that was having a grand mal seizure while vomiting. By the time I found her in the back of the car, her airways were clogged up and she was turning blue. I tried not panic, instead I took a deep breath and called on the Archangel Samael, one of the angelic guides I work with closely. I asked for the knowledge to know how to save her, and keep her from dying. Suddenly images popped into my head on articles I read about people having seizures, and what to do in case they are also vomiting. I immediately propped her head up and steadied her head to the side, so that the vomit would clear from her airways. I also remembered not to put anything in her mouth, even belts can block the airways. By keeping her head up and to the side, I saved her life. This is one example of asking for help with guides, and having the calmness for information retrieval that was not readily accessible in everyday daily activities.

In cases, such as the above, a large offering or gift is usually expected in gratitude.
Other forms of communication, other than emotions and knowing, are empathy (feeling what another person or being feels), feeling energy (it can range from “negative” to “positive” energy, to dark, light, fae, Celestial, etc.), auditory, visual, tasting, feeling/touching, olfactory. The last senses can either be physical manifestations, or your brain registers them as not being physical, but it is still strong (similar to a knowing, or feeling inside the body).

These modes of communication must be practiced every day in order to strengthen your skill. Though raw talent will have the occasional and rare experience, with practice this can become an everyday occurance. Within daily spiritual practices, you will find listening to guides and other entities to be quite beneficial. However, because it is easier to rely on them, you need to remember to keep practicing “self talk” so that your personal intuition is not overshadowed by their presence.

Communication Exercises

I think there has been a lot of hype about “opening up the Eye” going around in occult and New Age circles. I do agree that it is good to exercise and eat right. After all, this is the only body you have and the healthier the body, the more you can dedicate your time to activities that require stamina and energy. This I have definitely learned the hard way, and still struggle with daily. However, I don’t think people need to go on special diets, have gurus or consult a mediator on their behalf in order to gain spiritual guidance. I believe people have the inherent ability to communicate with their self and other beings, but like any skill, you need to practice and develop it.

Here are several ways you can go about developing your “sight”:

1. Void Meditation: The meditation I have found most useful is not a visual journey, but one where a person lets go of their thoughts. The goal of this meditation is to learn the ability to let go completely of thought. This is known as a “Void Meditation”. This particular one that I am going to share is one I was taught by my ArchHigh Priest, Kindrick Winsoul, of the Temple of Hermetic Mysteries. However, these meditations are found throughout occult and meditation writings.

Take a candle and anoint it with blessed olive oil (or your own oil mixture) starting
from middle to top, then middle to bottom. You may set, and say, your intention
for the candle as you rub on the oil. Don’t forget to trim the wick. I personally prefer light pink or white candles because I find the colors less distracting. However, remember that color brings in certain vibrations, including entities.

Next draw a circle of protection and a say a blessing or prayer, if you wish. Light the candle.

During this time you will stare, while relaxing your eyes, at only the flame. When thoughts enter your head, let them enter and then release them. You do this by not dwelling on the thought, but taking note of it and then letting it go. Continue to look at the flame. Do this for about 30 minutes a day. You may start out small for 10 minutes then add 5 minutes more each time you begin to master the art of letting go.

Notes: I sometimes repeat the phrase, “the Flame” over and over (or you can say a mantra) until I can refocus on only the flame. You will notice that sometimes there are better times of the day, or night, for you to meditate. Experiment with times until you find one conducive to being in a trance without falling asleep, or other distractions. It is normal to feel as if you are about to jump out of your body, or see other beings. When this happens, take a deep meditative breath, and bring yourself back to the moment by focusing on that breath, then return to staring at the flame.

2. Visual Meditation: This entails visiting the “Inner Worlds”. This may be done by taking breaths and then entering the Inner World, by listening to shamanistic drumming music, and guided meditation. The important thing is to get there and then communicate with other beings.

3. Auditory Meditation: Music can be quite crucial to catapulting a person into a trance. Constant percussion or noise, like binaural beats, have proven to be quite helpful for those trying to achieve a trance state. I personally like percussive music, compared to binaural beats, but it is a personal preference for every practitioner.

4. Wall Watching: This is pretty simple and entails nothing more than staring at a solid white wall. You may ask a friend to stand in front of the wall, and try to see the aura around them. Alternatively, you may see if there are any household entities willing to play with you. Make it perfectly clear that your intention is to see, or know them better, and then ask them to stand still in front of the wall. Look “behind” the wall, you will start noticing after practicing a bit that a shadow or aura will begin to appear. The better you are at the skill, either in your mind or even with your corporeal eyes, you will begin to see more defined features. For me entities look like an outline of white details, similar to a photo negative. Some people do see these beings as if they fully existed on this plane, and others will never see the shadows, but get the image in their mind. All are valid ways of developing sight.

5. The Face Game: This was taught to me by a fellow witch, RK. This is a fun game that can be played at home with household entities. They enjoy being acknowledged, so chances are you will find someone in the household to play the Face Game.

First, find a comfortable place to stand, or sit. Ask the entity to come close, about ten to twelve inches in front of your face. Look “behind” where the entity is suppose to be; staring at the wall behind the entity helps. Do this at least fifteen minutes a day. Once again, whatever modality of seeing you have will be strengthened. You will soon begin to know the entity themselves, what they look like, and you may even ‘hear’ them speaking with you.

6. Tools: This is where you use other tools to communicate with other beings. This may be tarot cards, ouija/spirit boards, pendulums, table rapping, mirror/water/stone scrying, automatic writing, etc. The possibilities are endless, this method just allows you to use something, other than yourself, to communicate.

7. Possession: It is possible for a practitioner to be partially or fully possessed. However, this is for advanced practioners, and I will not go into detail on how to do this. This is practiced most safely with a “spotter”, another practitioner that can help exorcise the entity, if it has taken root in the vessel.

8. Lucid Dreaming: Once you learn how to lucid dream, you should have the ability to realize that you are ‘dreaming’. Though you may not automatically be able to travel where you wish, if you set the intention before you fall asleep and repeat it while drifting off, you may have the privilege of meeting the entity you have called on. Entities may come in all guises, including looking like friends, human, or sometimes as fantastical creatures.

9. Sit and Listen: This one is very simple and can be done anywhere. Here you simply sit and listen. If you speak aloud, pause to wait for an answer. This trains your brain to expect a response. This may take awhile to develop this skill, but it is very useful skill to posses.

There are many imaginative ways to cross over, or tear down, the veil. However, some of these are not discussed because the techniques belong to certain covens and teachers. Once you are able to communicate with entities, they will be able to assist you more in your endeavors to gain skill in seership.

There are also certain dangers involved when working with entities, especially those you do not know or trust. These need to be mentioned as precautions should be taken. Some entities when they receive attention, seek your permanent company and will either follow you home and try to befriend you, or will try to get your attention in more agressive ways. It is also good to remember any time an entity is invited within in a space, they have a right to reside there and will sometimes take up permanent residence. Because you have invited them, it will be harder to banish them.

Other dangers, other than possession and taking up residence, is that some become demanding. There are many types of entities out there, and their personalities are vast as the rest of the human race. Negative personality traits may include obsession and stalking, to all forms of abuse.

Whenever working with other entities, remember that their stream of consciousness is longer than ours, meaning they have the ability to retain information and have more skill than someone with a broken stream of consciousness. This means when entering contracts, or making promises, or even receiving information, they have the upper hand.

By using the Golden Rule and safety precautions, communication with other being can be a positive experience.

-Arachnia Stoneskull

Photo Credit: “Cosmic Angel” by Shawn Dall