Seeing souls is a very interesting and sometimes entertaining way to get a good grasp on a person’s basic personality. It is also a great way, once developed, to see curses, attachments, and even rank, if a being is fortunate enough to have it.

The focus of this article will be a little background of my understanding of seership and souls, along with some exercises to better one’s soul seeing skills. I have not included the history on seeing souls or beings, as that will be saved for another in depth article. This post is a brief overview and some instructions to strengthen your own ways of seeing.

Soul Seer

What is a soul seer? A soul seer is someone with the talent to see other humans’ souls. This skill may include seeing several layers of a soul, as they have been through different reincarnations, to just seeing what the basic soul looks like.

Though I believe that everyone can communicate with Spirit in some way, I will be honest and say, like any talent, there are going to be some people that don’t see souls or even spirits with their physical eyes. Even viewing souls on an astral level is not an ability every person may possesses. Metaphorically, it would be akin to singing, some people will never have the talent to sing, some can develop mediocre skill, but only a few will obtain the mastery and expertise of a vocal virtuoso.

Before I go on, I must make it clear that in the circles I am in, I would be called a partial seer. This means that while I can see beings and souls with my physical eyes, and speak with them, they are not in full color, they are not always able to be seen in detail (though I see beings as auras and shadows at all waking moments now), and that sometimes when tired or sick, it is difficult to communicate with them. I do not have the ability at this time to feel them fully with all senses as if they were another human on this plane of existence. I am disclosing this, so you know what it is like as another practitioner working on gaining skill, and so there is no misunderstanding about the abilities I possess.

These experiences I will be discussing are ones that I know from seeing with my physical eyes, however. Though there is rarely color when seeing, there is very distinct detail. I think of it as seeing a clearly defined photo negative. It is possible for a practitioner to achieve the ability to see in full color, too.

Other Kin

I would like to mention this briefly, as I find people have taken an interest in the subject, and I have a confession. When I see souls of other humans most souls are what are referred to as “Other KIn”. In fact, for me, I have rarely seen a human soul. There are theories of my own, and that I have discussed with other seers, but those will be saved for another time.
You will find that souls which reside in human vessels to be unique, not just in species, but also in rank and phenotype (physical looks). Though some may be considered lower level entities on the astral, don’t let a soul’s look and species fool you into the power that particular soul and vessel possess. That is a rookie mistake that many seers make. Some souls will show up as lower rank as a shield to some seers, and because a being can achieve skill and power through many lifetimes, they can be quite powerful; the way a soul expresses itself is not always reflected on abilities and power that being and vessel possess.

I do believe that even beings we call angels and gods can reincarnate into human vessels. I mention this, because most people can’t see these aspects of other souls. This can be a problem, especially when someone gets the Special Snowflake Syndrome and thinks they are the highest ranking soul out of everyone they see. I go by the rule of treating everyone with respect, since sometimes it can’t be seen if someone is high rank or not, plus I believe that every soul can achieve a higher rank and godhood — and even go beyond godhood.

Shielded souls (or locked souls, as my friend RK calls them) are usually a sign of higher rank, though not always. Most children have shielded souls, and for good reason. Most people will never know what their soul looks like either, which can lead to negative, or overly grandoise, ideas about their ego and vessels. The latter I may discuss in a post about reincarnation. I mention this, because for those who see souls, they may come across this phenomenon. This happens to me occasionally, which piques my interest, because I know that person is someone or something important most of the time. Rarely have I met or seen anyone in pictures like this. There are times my sight is “fuzzy”, but to not even see a shadow is extremely rare.

Photographs and Video

I have found that the easiest way to see, or get an impression, of a living being’s soul is photography and video. For me personally, I am much better at photographs, as the picture isn’t moving and I can take my time to observe the photo. I know that similar to other beings, occasionally a person’s soul may also take on a more corporeal (physical) form in media. The exercise I am going to include in this section will be for looking at photographs. Remember that everyone sees differently, so even if you only receive an impression, image, or word, it is a valid way of seeing.

1. Choosing a photograph, is of course, the first step. Some people find it easier to see souls if a the subject is posed in front of a solid background, such as a white wall. For some people it is easier to see a person’s soul or aura on a black or night background; others can see human vessels’ souls regardless of the scenery. Try to choose a photograph that shows mostly the person’s face, and is clear, not blurry. Also if the hair is short or pulled back, it is easier to distinguish features and rank.

2. Next hold the photograph about 6-8 inches in front of your face. Don’t stare at a screen, if you are using a phone, for more than five minutes.

3. Look around the face first, then move outward towards the outline of the person’s head. You may begin to notice lines or geometric shapes at first, if you see souls with your physical eyes. This is normal. I would suggest “staring through” the person’s face. When the face is blurry, refocus your eyes slowly in one spot. The last technique may help you see through different layers.

Soul Seeing on the Forehead

Looking at another person’s forehead, on the third eye, is another nifty technique. Like spirit communication, most people can do this with practice. Though you may not physically see anything, you should still receive an impression or vision of the soul if they are not sheilded.
I would ask permission if I were to look to get an impression of another person’s soul, rank, titles, or abilities. This can be seen as an invasive technique by other energy workers and witches, as they may feel someone is “peering” into them, especially if they are physically in the same room.

1. Look at the forehead, beginning around the area of where the sixth chakra, the third eye, resides. Allow your body, and especially your eyes, to relax. You may use the same technique as when seeing in photographs, of looking “behind” where the third eye lays.

2. You should be able to focus your attention on certain features outlined on the person’s forehead, whether through real shadows or impressions. Allow thoughts and images to flow. If you cannot see any shapes or forms of “entities” over the third eye with your physical eyes within minutes, keep allowing for impressions. Some seers only see through impressions and images, not through their corporeal eyes.

For example, I had a friend that tried this to see what I looked like with this method, and he saw a title in “red paint”. It flashed through his head, but was not visible with his physical eyes. This is one example of knowing, and seeing when staring at someone’s forehead.

Seeing Soul Layers

This can be done with photographs, too, but I find that looking through layers of a person’s soul is easier if they are in the same room. The exercise I am going to include can involve one person trying the seeing, or both looking at each other. The point is to see what you can of the other person’s soul. If you see anything physical it may look like an aura or shadow, but sometimes it is only a feeling or an image in your head.

1. Sit across from each other in the dark, about 8-10 feet. Make sure you are comfortable as this exercise may last over 30 minutes.

2. Place a candle between both of you. A single candle, any color, is good. Though the darker the candle, the less light is reflected on the candle itself. I find that darker candles are more useful in this aspect, as it still allows for light and shadows without distraction.

3. Relax. I prefer to take meditative breaths until I feel almost light headed, and then settle back into normal breathing. You may keep taking deep, meditative breaths through out the exercise, if you wish.

4. There are two ways to see when doing this exercise:

Seeing Astrally: This is perhaps the easiest way to find out what someone’s soul looks like. Look at your partner allowing images, sensations (even perceived, if not physical, smells, sounds, and touch should be taken into consideration). Since most of this way of seeing is impressions and images, there is more a flavor of what someone is, not necessarily what they truly look like.

Seeing Physically: In this technique you look through the person, then “pull back” from the area you are looking at. Features should be more distinguished after refocusing your sight on your partner. You may also “cross your eyes” and when the person becomes blurry, refocus your attention to their physical being. Physically seeing may include, auras, shadows, details, and occasionally fully seeing the being. However, this does not always happen, and it is more common to see images and impressions that come to mind.

5. You will want to continue with step 4 for at least 20-30 minutes. This allows your eyes adjust to the darkness, and it gives time for your consciousness to shift in to a more dream- like state. Techniques discussed in Spirit Guides, Part 2: Communication, may also be used.

While there are other ways of seeing souls, I found these techniques to be the easiest ways to practice and strengthen one’s sight. Try it out yourself, you may be surprised what you see.

-Arachnia Stoneskull

Photo Credit: “A Mystic Eye” by Ameesa on