Halloween, also known as Samhain, is one of my favorite times of the year. I love costumes, candy, and the theatrics. I love all the ‘spooky’ decorations, especially spiders and skulls. I love to watch and hear chilling tales, especially true ones. Here is my true story; one where I met a White Lady and decided to tread the current path I am on.

When I was a kid I loved God, but still had doubts to His existence. I vowed that if I ever saw something supernatural that was physical and could interact with it, I would know that it was all real, even God. I had a few supernatural experiences as a kid, but they were not like I experience now. It’s hard to believe in something when you can’t interact with it for an extended period of time using all your senses.

The most ‘physical’ sight experiences I had as a child was a period of ‘seeing’ one, occasionally two, skeleton soldiers that would creep into my room at night. The most frightening thing was that I could  barely see them, unless I pulled the covers overs my head. Surprisingly, I could see them better when under my blanket. It is not fun for a ten year old to experience intense terror because a skull is bleeding through their blanket. There was no sense of security. After awhile that stopped, and I would see the occasional black demon-type entities that vaguely reminded me of creatures from the Alien movies. Other corporeal experiences included two enormous, black dogs with red eyes run through my living room about three years ago. The latter were dogs sent by someone working with Hekate, who was checking up on an entity they sent; I had banished that particular entity earlier in the evening. Still, it wasn’t full blown belief, because I had not interacted with these entities personally. They briefly came and went, with little to no interaction.

I have had powerful experiences during rituals in the past, including other beings showing up as solid shadows. The most memorable was the first time I worked with Anubis, and he brought some “friends” that roamed outside the circle during, and after, the ritual. But there was no real interaction of speaking with these entities, or having them react to my presence.

Two years ago, on October 26, a friend offered me some free tickets to a haunted house attraction in Albion, Idaho, because she wouldn’t be able to go. I had heard about this amazing haunted attraction called the Haunted Mansions of Albion on the radio, but couldn’t afford to go due to insufficient funds. It would be my first year in a long time that I didn’t even have the money to buy my kids costumes, or pumpkins, so I was pretty disappointed and depressed. Although I had no car at the time, I was able to get a ride with RK, and her boyfriend agreed to watch the kids that night. It was a relief to have a night off to relax with friends.

RK made us dinner that night, fish with potato crust; though I am not fond of fish, I ate it gratefully. About fifteen minutes later I noticed my throat and chest itching, along with tiny little blisters forming a rash over those areas. It soon spread to my face, and RK retrieved the package from the trash to see if there was anything that I was allergic to in the fish. There were no nuts, or other allergins, and yet it kept getting worse. We ended up rushing to the ER, my epipen poised over the leg of my jeans. I really thought I would have to give myself a shot on the way up, even though the hospital was less than ten minutes away.

I was in pretty bad shape, wheezing and struggling to breath. Luckily, at the moment there weren’t a lot of patients, and I was able to be seen quite quickly.

I began to see, and get impressions, of all types of entities roaming the hallways, slinking across the floor, and lurking under the hospital bed. RK, who fully sees, was calm, but allowed her guardian to take care of some of the more troublesome entities. During the time I was in the ER, even before the Benadryl and a cocktail other of drugs, I was seeing interesting entities. I could see spider-like creatures in the hallway, feel (but not see) something grabbing my ankle from under the bed, but the most interesting entity was the giant cloaked figure following the doctor that treated me. I didn’t have the impression it was a reaper, but more like an observer that was interested in what the doctor was doing.

I still, to this day, have no idea how I had such a bad allergic reaction, since it has not happened again eating the same types of food.

Though I was a bit loopy, and it was getting late, we still decided to go to Albion, which was a little over an hour drive.

When we got there, the first thing we did was shield ourselves and make sure our protective jewelry was secure. I immediately saw weird creatures and ghosts roaming the grounds. There was a corporeal young lady in a top floor window that I found out later was closed off. There was a boy that showed up briefly when I used the port-a-potty, and three corporeal beings sitting in the auditorium that suddenly disappeared when I approached them a few feet away. I thought they were actors waiting to scare people as they appeared solid.

However, there was no real interaction, so while RK could see them too, I could easily just pass it off as a hallucination, or being hopped up on drugs, later.

We decided to walk through a building that was open to visitors, but didn’t have many actors in it. It was reputed to be haunted, and an attraction all by itself. Cornish Hall, the girls’ dormitory, was eerily quiet and dark. Most of the building is free to wander, allowing guests to look in the rooms and bathrooms, some with old furniture still stored in the rooms. The first hallway we decided to explore was long and lined with rooms. RK, and another friend that came with us, saw a ghost. I was behind them looking in another room, so I didn’t see it. I allowed them to wander ahead so that I could examine the other rooms in more depth.

I walked to the end of the hall and turned around. I always enjoyed the feeling of fear, especially when in solitude. Suddenly, a woman jumped out, making a startling noise. It took me a second to realize that the woman who jumped out wasn’t human. I walked back in the room, and the apparition was still was there. She was behind the door, and looked white but solid. She had long curls, a lacy collar, and her eyes were black. Everything else about her, including what I could see of a long pretty dress, was white. I would venture to say she looked middle-aged. I was astonished, but I spoke to her any way.

I said, “I see what you did there! It was rude. And just because I can see you doesn’t mean you can follow me home.”

I didn’t expect the reaction I did, or really the feeling I received from her; it was one of shock. I left the room, and RK was laughing because she heard me. There were many more experiences that night, but that one left a mark.

Knowing that what I saw was a corporeal apparition, along with interaction — not just words but emotions — I knew it was all real. I was determined from then on to fully see, which eventually led to being able to listen and speak with my guides that came along.

I did leave her a gift of gratitude last year — a rose from my bush that I dedicated to Hekate, instilled with my energy. She seemed amused and curious. Unfortunately, the last time I only saw her as energy, which looked like a humanoid shaped mirage. My companions were chilled, and one saw her as a white being leaning over me as I spoke with her (a good example of how people perceive the Other Side in different ways). I am hoping to bring her another gift this year, as I feel that she helped facilitate the desire to know more about what’s on the other side, which led me to become a more spiritual person.

As the veil thins this year, I grow ever more excited to commune with those from the Other Side. It is definitely a past time that I suggest every aspiring magician to try at least once.

For more information on this attraction, check out their website: http://www.hauntedmansionsofalbion.com/

Have a happy and safe Samhain!


Photo Credit: http://www.wallpaperup.com/656421/dark_ghost_fantasy_art_artwork_horror_spooky_creepy_halloween_gothic.html