Imagine a place where anything is possible; a place of fantasy, and yet so vivid, it seems more real than reality. It’s a realm where you may travel, explore, and do shamanic and astral work. There are endless landscapes of mountains, oceans, castles, gardens, and temples. Some people refer to this as their personal part of the astral plane, their sacred or secret kingdom. A place where personal improvement and magick is possible, and can be made and manifested into reality.

This place can be reached by dreams, meditation, and shamanic journeying. This is my experience with traveling into the Inner World, a gateway onto the Astral Planes.

What are the Inner Worlds?

The Inner World is a place of shamanic journeying and astral travel, where practitioners may retrieve knowledge, speak with other beings, do magickal workings, explore, meet other practitioners, heal, do soul retrieval — the possibilities are endless.

Many of the witches I work with find this an ideal way to create spells and heal others distantly. Though you may do this within a magickal circle with all the trappings, it can be as simple as closing your eyes and traveling quickly to do your workings. It comes in quite handy, as when practiced, you may achieve the ability to do it anywhere.

There is a difference between the Inner World and the Astral Plane. The Inner World is a place of personal travel, whereas the Astral Plane can be accessed by anyone and is public. However, they are connected, so you may do your workings in the Inner World, but then send it out to the Astral, or corporeal (physical) plane.

I would describe the Inner World as a place where any practitioner may dream and weave their own workings. A place where imagination reigns, and you are the supreme ruler. People may be invited, but it’s a private reservation. It’s your very own slice of the astral used to play, explore and do inner workings. While the Astral Plane is connected, your ‘private estate’ resides in the Inner World of your soul.


There are many ways to reach your Inner World. I am going to share some of the personal ways I do it myself.

1. Music: Whether it is drumming created specifically for astral travel, or your favorite song that sets a certain mood, music is an easy and powerful way to induce a trance or altered state. I prefer to use headphones to cancel any outside noise while I travel. After I begin the music, I only need to close my eyes and imagine. However, many of the places I visit have been established through previous visual meditation. I leave a place holder in the spaces I have created, so that I may return instantly at a later time. I enjoy music for more active workings that include dance and movement on the astral. I also find a good shamanic song clears the mind of clutter, which allows me to more easily envision and engage in serious conversation with other beings.

2. Visual Meditation: This can be free-formed, or a guided meditation. It is best to set an intention before traveling. You can either find a recorded session (there are many on YouTube and other media sites), or create and record your own guided meditation. The meditation should include passages that use detailed descriptions regarding the senses, then pause to allow you to ‘experience’ these sensations.

3. Inner Portals: Sometimes the chakra energy centers can be used as portals to travel to different areas of your Inner World. These can be reached by meditating on a specific chakra and ‘entering’ the chakra. This is similar to the visual meditation, except the Inner World is entered through energy portals, instead of directly through the mind.

4. Writing: One of the easiest and simplest ways to express one’s Self and explore their Inner World, is to write. This allows the practitioner to channel not just knowledge, but visualize the worlds they are creating. When doing this exercise, grammar and vocabulary are not to be focused on. The description of what you feel, see, experience, etc. are the most important ideas to be expressed. For me it is like a movie in my head when I am writing. I try to express every aspect I am experiencing. This is a great way to tap into your imagination and eventually your Inner Child, which will help when generating energy and manifesting workings.

Components of a Visual Meditation

Every practitioner should tailor their meditations to their own specifications. We all visualize differently, and resonate with different aspects of spirituality. These are some suggestions, and then a sample of what I do for guided meditations. Here are a few suggestions.

1. Set Intention: The first step is setting the intention. Are you doing a working astrally? Exploring? Speaking with other beings for knowledge or to commune with them? Contacting ancestors or the dead? Intention setting is very important. It tells your consciousness cues to look for when it works with the subconcious. This allows for metaphors and esoteric knowledge to be translated into a more knowable form.

Part of intention may include setting up a circle and calling on spirit guides, helping spirits and guardians to prepare for the journey.

2. Breathing: Before doing meditation of any kind, I find that breathing helps to set the mood and allows for more oxygen to enter my system. This may cause lightheadedness, but allows more focus on the moment. I do four slow, deep breaths before meditating, which allows me to enter the beginnings of a trance-like state.

3. Crossing the Veil: This may be done several ways. Start by counting from one to ten, envisioning darkness. Some people begin by envisioning total darkness, and then walking towards a light, stepping through it like a portal. Some practictioners prefer to use a cave, tunnel, or even an ocean to enter into the subconcious realms. Others see themselves eventually walking directly into astral areas, allowing the area to slowly develop from darkness, to gradual shadows, to full scenery. I prefer to envision steps, or stones, leading to a door or window that when opened, or stepped through, brings an individual to their destination. While walking from total darkness, or the Abyss, remember to use all your senses, both physical and non-physical. This allows you to immerse yourself into the reality of your Inner World.

4. Grounding and Sensory Perception: Now that you are envisioning and interacting with the astral, it is time to make it a solid reality in your mind. I find that standing, or sometimes walking slowly, allowing for the flow of information to your senses in both worlds, establishes more of a solid feeling. Notice how things smell, feel, sound, taste, etc., while observing your surroundings. Be in the moment, grounding yourself into the reality of your Inner World.

5. The Working: This may involve either willful action, or you may allow for events to happen organically. Viewing the Inner World may appear as images, a movie, or sometimes it feels like interacting in a daydream. There are many ways to use this time. Setting intention, mentioned in the first step, comes in at this point. Do not force yourself to interpret the events, as it will then become one of pure imagination and a daydream, instead of an authentic experience.

6. Returning and Grounding: You should reverse the steps used to get into your Inner World, in order to leave it. Set the intention that you will remember everything, then step through the portal. Count backwards from ten to one as your return the way you came. Feel your physical body as you do this, allowing yourself to fully return to this reality. Open your eyes only after you feel fully physical. If you still feel light-headed and ungrounded, I would suggest eating something heavy, like bread or meat, to ground yourself. I have heard soda crackers are a great way to establish a more earthly connection, too. Do not consume alcohol, coffee, or any sort of stimulants or drugs after meditation if you do not feel fully grounded and rooted to this reality.
Visual Meditation Exercise

This is an example of a visual meditation to enter your Inner World and do a little exploring:

Make yourself comfortable and close your eyes.

Take four deep breaths. Breath in through your nose, filling your lungs and abdominal area. Hold the breath for a few seconds, then breath out through your mouth slowly. Allow all the air to leave your lungs and abdomen before taking in another slow breath. (Repeat three more times, pausing in between each exhaled breath.)

You are now going to journey within, to the Inner World, and explore your personal area.

1…Darkness surrounds you, there is nothing but you. (Pause)

2…Take a step. Notice the feeling of the darkness. Is it cold? Is it warm? Is it thick? Do you feel as if you are floating? (Pause)

3…Take a step. You begin to feel solidness underneath your feet, though it is still dark. The path itself feels as if it is moving downwards. (Pause)

4…Take a step. You begin to notice shapes beneath your feet, though they are still wrapped in shadow. The path is now solid beneath your feet. (Pause)

5…Take a step. There is more light and you begin to notice the features of the path. Is it smooth? Gravelly? Rough? Sandy? Muddy? (Pause)

6…Take a step. You can now see the path lighting up, becoming even more bright. You can now fully see the path, but the light is still dim. What does it look like? Are you walking on dirt? On stones? Is it warm or cold? Is it smooth, slimy, or rough? Notice the patterns and shapes of the path. (Pause)

7…Take a step. The path is now fully lit. You may feel many sensations, including temperature of the air, smells, and sounds. (Pause)

8…Take a step. You now see a door in front of you. Notice the size and proportion of door compared to the path. (pause)

9…Take a step (slight pause) towards the door. What is the door made of? Wood? Stone? Light? Are there colors or symbols on the door? Is the door rough, smooth, or some other sensation when you touch it? Does it have a handle or knob? If so, what does it look like?(Pause) 

10…When you are ready, open the door and walk through. (Pause)

Behind the door lies scenery that seems familiar to you. Notice the surroundings. Is it a lush, dark forest? A red desert? Or something else? (Pause.) Is it all nature, or are there signs of civilization? What are the smells? Breath in the air through your mouth. What does it taste like? Feel the ground beneath your feet, and the temperature on your skin. Observe your surroundings through sight, sound, feel, touch, hearing, taste and even internal emotions. What is the feeling of the place? Is it familiar, like Earth? Alien? Peaceful or scary? (Pause)

When you feel ready, move forward and explore. Touch the vegetation and interact with it. Feel free to talk to anyone, or anything, you see on the path — whether it is an animal, plant or spirit. When you speak with these beings, offer a gift. It may be something you imagine, or a sharing of energy or information. Do what you feel is right, though know when you gift, or share energy, you are creating a bond. You should not feel threatened. If you do, then refuse to speak to the being and move on. (Pause for 2-3 minutes allowing for interaction.)

After thanking the beings and exploring, return back down the path. Still be in the moment, experiencing all sensations, emotions and thoughts, though let them go and don’t dwell on them too long. (Pause)

In front of you is the door you came through. Tell yourself that you will remember everything that occurred in the meditation. When you are ready, open the door and step through to the other side. (Pause)

Slowly count back from ten to one, feeling your consciousness returning the body. Feel the heaviness of your body. Wiggle your toes, then fingers. Move your head and shoulders around. Ground yourself. When you feel fully rooted in your body, open your eyes.

This is a simple meditation that anyone can do. However, feel free to create and record your own meditations. This brief article on the Inner World doesn’t even scratch the surface of possibilities and uses for this type of astral traveling.  Remember, that while it may be tempting to lose yourself in these amazing landscapes, that we belong on the physical plane. You must return to take care of yourself, and your obligations.Experiment responsibly and enjoy the freedom.

-Arachnia Stoneskull

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