Imagine what it would be like to have the ability to view your life’s purpose, agreements for spiritual lessons, even the reason for the people you meet in your life. Imagine being able to view past lives for yourself, and with permission, even other people. Imagine sharing experiences with friends, family, coven members, and even spirit guides of different events throughout different spaces, times, and dimensions. Imagine you have the ability to find information on any subject, event, or knowledge existing within the collective conscience. Such a place does exist, and for simplicity throughout the article we will refer to this place as the Akashic Records.

This article will focus on accessing your Karmic Contract “Dos” and “Don’ts”; agreed upon rules that have set certain courses of action throughout your lifetimes. This is one of the easier pieces of information to access, as you do not have to go directly to the Library situated within the Akashic Records. You can review the contract in your mind’s eye, in a place of comfort astrally, or simple meditation!


Karmic Contract

Karmic Contracts can be tricky things, as there are many rules and events that we have agreed upon to accelerate our spiritual growth, and some of those cannot be changed. While there are ways to change a contract, there is also a list of “Dos” and “Don’ts” that one has to adhere to throughout their lifetimes, until certain goals are achieved. Most of them are subconscious rules, ones that we don’t think about, but automatically put into action.

The “Dos and Don’ts” list may be long, or short, depending on what you have chosen to experience in your lifetimes. These ‘rules’, aren’t necessarily rules, but agreements. For example, maybe in another lifetime, on earth or before, a person was a very unpleasant tyrant that had a tendency to abuse other people. This person may have agreed to certain terms in their contract in order to teach them to become a compassionate being.This may entail that the individual experience the same, or similar types of abuse. This doesn’t mean that they deserve to be treated poorly, but have chosen to experience both sides, which allows for empathy and fair assessment of situations and people. “Don’ts” may also be in place to keep a person from using their natural tendencies to deceive, manipulate or be greedy; such a “Don’t” may be to live without wealth and power, along with being impoverished for the rest of that individual’s life — until they can prove that they have control over such impulses that would break the “Don’ts” agreement.

It is helpful to understand these lists, as it not only enlightens what you have to work on, but also helps to focus on what parts of your life are important to improve for spiritual development. I have found it much easier to work on habits and impulses when knowing which ones to target. Sometimes, a person can’t always see what needs to be worked on, another reason to check a Karmic Contract.

It should be noted that an individual can only read what they are ready to see and work on. This means that you should check back and reread your contract once in awhile. Once every six months, or a year, should be sufficient. Remember to take enough time to work on your goals and spiritual path for some time before taking on more responsibilities, and changing old habits that no longer serve you.

It is important to see these contracts not as reward or punishments, but tools that help facilitate your spiritual growth. Karma in this sense is not punishment, nor even causation of actions, but what a person chose to work on, or skills they wish to develop in their lifetimes, through experience.

If you already know how to reach your temple, or the Akashic Records, feel free to meditate there while reading your contract; otherwise you should be able to access your contract by setting the intention before meditating.


Meditation Components

Here are the basics for a meditation to help you read your Karmic Contract. These instructions are based off of my experience, and also with guided meditations done by Jason Rollins, one of the founders of a spiritual group I belong to called ‘The Pocatello Community Circle’, now known as ‘The Southeast Idaho Community Circle’.
1. Cleanse the space. You may use sage, salt, incense, etc.

2. Create a sacred space. This may be a circle or declaring that the area you are using is a safe space.

3. Invite in deity, guardians, guides, angels, etc. for protection, guidance and aiding in the intention.

4. Set the intention. The intention for this meditation will be to read either the “Dos” or the “Don’ts” in your Karmic Contract. Do only one, or the other, as it will make the mediation less confusing, and the answers will be more clear. By doing this, you will not be left wondering if the agreement was really something you should be doing, or if it is something that shouldn’t be done.

5. Start with the meditative breaths. Allow your intention to be set with each breath.

6. Begin the count, from one to ten, to enter an altered state of mind.

7. Enter the portal when fully in an altered state.

8. You will begin the main meditation here. You may see yourself in a library, garden, study, or only visualize a book, scroll, paper, movie, etc. This is the part of the meditation where you ground yourself into using all your senses, and then examine the medium you are using to review your contract. For some people it is common for words or ideas to appear, some
may even see a movie of past lives to view what, and why, they chose to enter into their contract. There may be explanations to behaviors explored and shown at this time. There may also be uncomfortable information, but be open to the possibilities that there are areas of your psyche and behaviors that you have either not explored, nor realized were a problem. The best approach to take when ‘reading’ contracts is to be unbiased and unattached about the situation, and to filter the information in such a way that you realize there is nothing personal being done, or said against you. This contract was made with YOURSELF, so there should be no judgement, just realization that this tool can help you view things in a different light.

9. When you are finished, walk back through the portal, count back from ten to one, and then ground yourself. Remember if you still feel ungrounded, or dizzy, then eat and drink heavier substances, such as milk, bread and meat. Do not drink alcohol or take drugs after a meditation if you do not feel fully grounded.

10. Thank and release the entities and deities helping you.

11. If you have created a sacred space for the event, release the space with gratitude.


Karmic Contract “Dos and Don’ts” Mediation

This mediation may be read or recorded. You may also base your own meditations on the information provided.
Take four deep breaths. Allow the breath to go through the nose, fill the lungs and abdomen. Hold for a few seconds, then release through your mouth, pushing out all the breath. Slowly take three more breaths. (Pause.)

Close your eyes, and relax, before you begin the countdown.

1…Darkness surrounds you, there is nothing but you. (Pause.)

2…Take a step. Notice the feeling of the darkness. Is it cold? Is it warm? Is it thick? Do you feel as if you are floating? (Pause.)

3…Take a step. You begin to feel solidness underneath your feet, though it is still dark. The path itself feels as if it is moving downwards. (Pause.)

4…Take a step. You begin to notice shapes beneath your feet, though they are still wrapped in shadow. The path is now solid beneath your feet. (Pause.)

5…Take a step. There is more light and you begin to notice the features of the path. Is it smooth? Gravelly? Rough? Sandy? Muddy? (Pause.)

6…Take a step. You can now see the path lighting up, becoming even more bright. You can now fully see the path, but the light is still dim. What does it look like? Are you walking on dirt? On stones? Is it warm or cold? Is it smooth, slimy, or rough? Notice the patterns and shapes of the path. (Pause.)

7…Take a step. The path is now fully lit. You may feel many sensations, including temperature of the air, smells, and sounds. (Pause.)

8…Take a step. You now see a door in front of you. Notice the size and proportion of door compared to the path. (Pause.)

9…Take a step (slight pause) towards the door. What is the door made of? Wood? Stone? Light? Are there colors or symbols on the door? Is the door rough, smooth, or some other sensation when you touch it? Does it have a handle or knob? If so, what does it look like?(Pause.)

10…When you are ready, open the door and walk through. (Pause.)
You enter through your portal to find yourself in a very comfortable environment. Take in a deep breath to smell the area. Feel your feet, what do you feel? What is the texture beneath your feet? What is the temperature? What emotions are invoked? Examine the detail of where you are at. If you do not see a physical place, examine as much as you can with your senses. (Pause.)

In front of you will find a book, scroll, globe, or some kind of communication device. Open it up, or turn it on.

A contract will appear, it will have your current name from this existence, though sometimes it is an eternal name or title. With the intention you set, you will begin to read either the “Dos” or “Don’ts” that you have assigned yourself. Let the sentences, ideas, and images flow freely in your mind. Do not force them, or dwell on them longer than to take in what you see. Check no more than three agreements, if you are working on goals. This will keep the list from being overwhelming, and when finished with your goals, you may always come back to take on the next set of “Dos” and “Don’ts”. (Long pause.)

When you are ready, you may go back through your portal.

Count back from ten, slowly wiggling your toes, then fingers. Allow yourself to fully immerse all your senses, grounding yourself back in the physical world.

When you are fully connected to your physical body once more, open up your eyes.”

After becoming proficient at reviewing contracts and visual meditation, you may be interested in changing your Karmic Contract. I will be making these instructions available within the next few months. Keep working on your goals, which shows hard work and dedication — a primary motivation to allow for a soul to change parts of the contract that no longer serve them.

-Arachnia Stoneskull

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