One of the hardest things to get around, for me, is the idea of prayer. I have enjoyed praying and keeping altars since I have come into my current spiritual path. However, since following the path of Self Gnosis, I do not feel the need to worship any beings. I have a great love and respect for the beings I work with, and honor them with offerings, but I do not worship them or give them ownership over my life.

Humans, biologically, crave ritual and community. Perhaps this is why it is hard not to feel isolated, alone, and disconnected when we are working on Self Gnosis and deification.

We need to work with our physical body in order to incorporate the totality of Self. Our physical needs — food, shelter, water, sex, ritual, community, etc. — must be fulfilled before we are able to fully with work with the spiritual aspects of Self.

The past few months I have been dealing with this problem: How can I practice individuality and gnosis, without worshiping? January 10, 2016, the answer came to me from the Archangel Samael. It was simple. Give a gratitude prayer, not only stating what I am grateful for, but also thanking beings, deities, and other people that have effected my life. Interestingly enough, people who have wronged me was also suggested.

The rest of this article will focus on a simple exercise and some tips to get you started on your own daily ritual, meditation, or prayer of gratitude.


Preparing for Prayer

There isn’t much preparation for meditation or prayer, as there is for formal rituals and ceremonies. You don’t need to do a ritual bath, or draw a circle, unless you wish. It is a time of gratitude, then stillness and reflection. It doesn’t need to be formal, either. You don’t need to light candles, or burn incense. You can do it anywhere when you have a few minutes of free time.

Though it is most effective to prepare yourself by praying in a quiet place, or in front of an altar, this is not always a luxury one has. If you do have a quiet place, though, try using meditative breaths to place yourself in a state of mind that is open and calm.


Prayer of Gratitude

1. Preparation. You may use any position you wish; meditation poses, bowing down, prostrating, sitting in a chair, standing, etc. You may call in guides and guardians at this time.

2. Intention. State simply that you are thanking everyone, including the Universe and Yourself, for all the blessings you have received. If you worship a deity, or work with a particular being, you can open this up like a normal prayer by calling them in. Thank deity first for their help, if you do call in deity.

3. Prayer. It’s easy to do this type of prayer, just begin by saying what you are grateful for. If you need more structure, start out by thanking the Universe for what you have, then deity, then yourself, then anybody or anything else you wish to thank. Close with a statement you feel comfortable with; “So Mote It Be,” “So Shall I Will It,” “Amen,” etc.

4. Reflection. After finishing, give yourself a few moments, to a few minutes, of reflection. This allows for the feeling of gratitude to settle in, while the stillness also opens a person up to receiving messages.

A side note: A little over a year ago, Samael mentioned that to forgive, move on, and open up my sight, I should try gratitude mantras. Every time a thought popped into my head, or I was about to say something negative, one of my guides would remind me to say one or more things I was grateful for in that moment. It’s been amazing how much I can manifest, the better my intuition and sight is, and how much happier I am just by this simple exercise. I believe this suggestion will greatly supplement the results of gratitude prayers, as opening the heart is the quickest way to gain true seeing and intuition.

You may also consider incorporating a gratitude prayer at family dinners, groups, etc. The wonderful thing about this prayer is that the connection with the Divine is fulfilled without worshiping any being, and you may start noticing more abundance in your life as a side result.


-Arachnia Stoneskull