I AM One who existed for eternities,
Silently waiting in the shadows.
I am found in the birthing of Stars;
Magnificent Chaos, gravitating Entropy.
I AM Death and Reincarnation.

I AM the web weaved expertly,
Encompassing layers of Existence.
Careful consideration of actions;
Reaping discarded carcasses – allowing growth.
I AM Cunning and Creation.

I AM a single drop of rain
Cutting through the Infinite;
Eroding civilizations and machinations.
Gods bow respectfully to me.
I AM Destruction and Humility.

I AM Justice who is not blinded.
She, who’s retribution is slow and tumultuous;
Crawling Worm, devouring sin and good deeds.
Hysterical madness in Chaotic Order.
I AM Judge and Teacher.

I AM the blood of the Moon,
The cry of a newborn infant,
The hopelessness of a decrepit heart,
Sitting patiently, longing for your return.
I AM the Blink and Grief.

I AM She who resides in the Heavens,
The One who hears voiceless screams of the innocent,
Eating gluttonous prayers of the Faithful,
Allowing freedom to destroy freedom.
I AM God and Empress.

I AM the cause of Rebellion.
Alignment of Truth and Disillusionment.
Amongst you I am Nothing;
Yet, always I am Everything to you.
I AM Void and Discourse.

I AM the One who speaks your Secret Name,
Who champions your defeat, celebrating your weakness.
I am there when your Darkness shines its brilliance.
I place the rusty crown upon your brow of sorrows.
I AM Mother and Queen.

I AM the Woman who cries in ecstasy.
I AM the Man who violently despairs.
I AM the Child beholding Life’s wonder.
I AM Spirit experiencing the flesh.
-Arachnia Stoneskull (2015)

(Channeling of The Dark Mother)

Picture Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech