One of my favorite subjects is science. Though to some it may seem contradictory to magic and theism, I see them as different aspects of the same principles. Science is a great way to explain this plane and dimension of existence. It is the agreed upon rules of how all things act and react on this plane. It is a way of learning the workings of our universe; creating awe and beauty. It is also a great way to figure out how other planes operate.

“As Above, So Below” is frequently used to describe the other realms, and bringing in the manifestations through the veils of the worlds and materializing them into this one. These are some very basic laws, rules, and protocols to think about when working with the material and astral planes.

  1. Every plane of existence operates according to its own rules of science. What may work here, may not work on all planes, and vice versa. For example, when traveling the astral you may meet giant creatures that would collapse on their own weight, or would not be able to consume enough oxygen to breathe in this plane of existence. Winged creatures pose another dilemma; after all, how can dragons and angels fly when their physical appearance would be an improbable, if not an impossible, design that could not be supported by science in our plane? These are things to consider when working in this plane and different worlds. I would also advise that it is good to remember that while we may have the desire to fly, or shape shift, this is not possible in this realm of existence.
  2. Ground yourself in this reality. This goes along with number one. By grounding yourself in reality, you have more objectivity and wisdom when going about your workings. You will begin to understand what realistically can be done here compared to other planes of existence. This not only brings clarity and wisdom, but a strong sense of self and confidence.
  3. Cultures and worldviews are different. People and beings come from all different cultures and walks of life. Learning about cultures, languages, and worldviews on this plane goes a long way in communication, and using intuition correctly. It also helps to smoothly facilitate communication with all beings.
  4. Every person’s reality is different. This goes for all beings. Culture, racial/specie identity, life experiences, biology, ecology, etc., reflect greatly on a person’s worldview and actions. It is good to remember that intelligent beings can adapt to new and different environments, and even social situations. This means that while every person has a certain mode of operations, there are surprises if they are forced to react in a situation that puts stress on them. This goes for all beings.
  5. Learn to interpret metaphors and stories versus literal meanings. When dreaming, meditating, or speaking with entities, what we see and hear can either be metaphors or literal. We can only understand what our minds have seen, learned, or experienced. An example would be to have a dream of were you have wings and use them to fly to a destination. In this reality we cannot sprout wings and fly, but we may travel (whether by airplane or car) to a place we have seen in our dreams. Another great example is dreaming of pregnancy. This dream doesn’t always mean a person will become a parent, but may represent something a person feels is precious and wants to grow. This could be a project, a relationship, or a wish. The same applies when we are told stories or messages from entities (including angels). A good study on metaphors representing literal events and objects would be to read old prophecies, such as those prophesied by Nostradamus.
  6. As Above, So Below. What we say and do on this plane can effect us on all planes, and vice versa. Another meaning we could attach is to relate this phrase to events that have, can, or will happen in this plane; the other planes may mirror different stages of past and probable human events, places and people/beings depending on choices made in the material realm.

Having a clear head, staying grounded, and keeping an open mind allows you to move forward and accomplish your goals in the material world, and the spiritual realms, faster and with more ease.

-Arachnia Stoneskull


Photo Credit: “Moon Light Fantasy Landscape matte updated” by Scott Richard (rich35211),