Have you ever had a dream of falling? Maybe you dream of places that you eventually visit? Maybe even sex dreams?

These are common dreams, but for the magick practitioner even common dreams can help one understand their psyche; dreams may even prophesy of what is, or will come into being. Dreams are a tool that can be mysterious, full of metaphors and deeply hidden desires, or fears. For some people, it comes naturally to remember and control dreams, while others it takes practice and perseverance. The ability to control your actions and thoughts in dreams is known as lucid dreaming. Learning to lucid dream will help you realize you are dreaming, and gives you the ability to control your choices.

A practitioner can do many things while lucid dreaming; you can retrieve information, work with your Shadow by understanding your desires and fears, and make choices when a dream becomes intense — some practitioners can even walk the dreams of others.

Here are a few simple things you can accomplish with normal and lucid dreaming:

  1. Shadow Work: By writing down your dreams, keeping a journal, and self examination, you will be able to discover more about yourself and situations (both current and past). The subconscious likes to play, and the playground it presents can be harnessed for self discovery and growth.
  2. Messages: Sometimes other beings, or friends, come to us and give us a word, idea, or straight forward message. Keep a journal by your bedside, and immediately write it down. I have lost many important messages and memories from dreams, because I thought I could go back to sleep and remember them when I woke up again. It’s an important lesson – write everything down.
  3. Dreamwork: This entails setting an intention before sleeping, and repeating the intention as you fall asleep. If you can, try to stay awake as you enter the dreamy trance state, repeating your intention before you lose complete control. The idea is to become aware you are dreaming and be in control of your thoughts and actions; this allows you to accomplish magickal workings while dreaming.

For those that dreamwalk, we know there can be dangers attached to what we do. Of course, this goes for any magickal workings. There are other practitioners out there that know what they are doing, too, and can either send back what is done in dreams, or walk into your dreamland to spell you. I am not saying this to bring fear in your life, but to remind you to consider your actions before doing any work for another person, positive or negative according to your own ethics.

There are unethical practitioners that will do anything to get what they want – even stealing other people’s magick, or having unsolicited sex with others through dreams. I know several practitioners that have had forced, unsolicited sex in dreams by other practitioners. Usually the offending party will admit and brag about it. Some people don’t believe it is rape if it didn’t happen on the physical plane – anything done without the consent of both participants is rape on any plane. I have also known shamans that walk in, rearrange your dreams, in order to change your personality and lifestyle. I have seen this done enough to know it’s not just a coincidence, but possible.

This is why I am going to teach you a safeguard. This will ward off most practitioners and entities (as some practitioners with no skill in dreamwalking will send something into your dreams instead).


Slam the Doors

This is a simple technique that was suggested by one of my mentors, RK, and it works. Like all shamanistic work, it takes solid visualization. This is a simple “Door Slam” to keep out those you don’t want in your personal dreams.

  1. Get comfortable, lying down is acceptable, and close your eyes. (You may draw a circle for protection before this step, if you normally have a circle during ritual.)
  2. Take four deep meditative breaths.
  3. Call on your guides and guardians to follow you. You will need them for step 7.
  4. Count from one to ten, starting from darkness, slowly allowing a room to appear.
  5. Visualize yourself completely in a room with doors; they may look like portals or mirrors, not only doors. Do not proceed until you are grounded in the room fully, and can use all your senses.
  6. Go to each door, using all your senses to make it ‘solid’ in your mind. Shut all the doors that are open.
  7. Next proceed to see what is trapped in your room. Throw anything and everything that isn’t a guide/guardian out of a shut door that you have designated to lead outside of your Inner and Dream worlds; one that is connected to the astral/otherworlds, but none of your personal worlds. You can utilize your guides, especially the guardian types, in this step. Ask them to remove any and all entities, thought forms, people, and signatures that you did not place there purposefully. They will take out the ‘trash’. Remember to make sure all doors are shut after your ‘room’ is cleaned out. You can dismiss your guides, by having them ‘wait’ outside the room, if you wish, before the next step.
  8. Now imagine a lock or sigil that will be used to as ‘gatekeeper’ for each individual door. After establishing a ‘lock’, add a password to the lock. The password may be a word, a phrase, a feeling, or it can be your signature energy – use your imagination. You can also have separate passwords for visitors and guides, with your personal password being the ‘Master Key’.
  9. Now that your room is sealed, check the doors, locks, and passwords one more time to make sure they are solidly in place, shutting out anything unwanted. When you are ready, count back from ten to one, and open your eyes.
  10. Remember to thank your guides and guardians, and leave them an offering for their services. If you put up a circle, also take down the circle at this time.

After doing this visualization you can rest easier knowing that you are safer when dreaming. Pleasant dreams.


“Dreaming in Color” by Josephine Wall