Contracts can be very intimidating to think about when it comes to magic. This fear seems to be heightened from movies depicting witches, and non-witches alike, entering a contract with an entity and not being able to fulfill the pact. This ultimately leads the character to lose their soul at the climax of the story. Faustian deals seem foolish, and yet many people do it to this day.

Why would anyone be interested in entering a binding contract, you may ask yourself. There are many reasons contracts exist, and not all of them are scary. Contracts can range from Karmic Contracts (what we agree to do, or not do, in order to grow spiritually) to Guardian Contracts (an agreement for an entity to work exclusively with you in return for payment). These contracts can be arranged in this lifetime, previous lifetimes, and may even be arrangements from future lifetimes.

In this article I will briefly touch on a few contract types.


Contract Types

These are few common contracts and pacts that as a practitioner you will most likely consider, or have to deal with regarding yourself and others.

Karmic Contracts: This is the most common type of ‘Free Will’ contract. These are usually arranged before our lifetime, and are lessons and goals that we strive for on a spiritual scale. These can be changed, especially if the contract no longer serves its original purpose, or has become destructive. These contracts may also include other people. One or the other party, or sometimes both parties, may have to pay restitution, or repeat lessons together until both parties learn it.

Soul Mate Contracts: These contracts deal with people in our Soul Tribe. These are not necessarily romantic, but can include people we will meet, or even become physical family with. Just because someone was a lover, or family member, in one lifetime doesn’t mean that they will be those things to us in this lifetime.

Spirit Guides/Totems/Guardian Angels: From experience, these seem to be beings assigned before birth. They are more impersonal than guardians and other type of entity contracts. They are there to be teachers and guides, so they may seem distant at times. They have many personalities, which means your interactions with each one will be varied. Sometimes ancestors, or family guardians, are included in these type of contracts.

Guardian Contracts: These are contracts with entities that agree to fulfill a specific role regarding your magical practices. They do require payment; sometimes it is as simple as giving personal energy to a being, or as complicated as exchanging something of eternal value, like your eternal loyalty to serve them when the contract is completed. Most of these are impersonal, as it is a business partnership, but it is not uncommon for the Keeper (the human) to have a relationship of some kind with the Guardian (entity). Sex, love, and admiration are acceptable exchanges of energy for some entities.

Wish Contracts: These are akin to Faustian deals. You ask for something, and give something of value in exchange for a wish. These exchanges can be energy, blood, sexual fluids, or even giving up your soul. The exchange will be something that will bind you to that entity. These are actually quite dangerous, as many people don’t realize how high the price is, and try to back out of these contracts when they find out what is required on their end of the bargain. This will not happen, and the entity will retain the payment regardless if you finish your part of the contract, or not.

Bonding Contracts: These are contracts that essentially bind you to another person or entity for a certain amount of time. Those with spirit spouses may have these type of contracts regarding spiritual marriage. The time is determined by both parties. There are times when a bond is forced. Forced bonds can be broken a practitioner, but you must fully know the contract. However, most bond contracts are mutual.

Servitor Contracts: This is a touchy and controversial subject. From my experience, and how other entities explained it to me, these are where a human creates, or forces an entity, to serve them. However, since there is no formal contract this may cause some problems, especially if the practitioner doesn’t know about the ‘Laws’. Yes, there are ways to make entities, or call them to you, then bind them, but they get an equal exchange in return. So, if you buy one, or even make them to sell, both parties may be automatically entered into a contract with that being. Some of the exceptions can include golems, genesis, egregores, and fetches, but they still require care and energy for their service.

There are other contracts regarding covens, magical partnerships, etc., but those mentioned above are the most common regarding entity and soul work in individual practices. Learning how to work with entities, astral traveling, and proper ritual will help you when working with contracts and pacts.

In my next article I will post a few “laws” and suggestions regarding contract work. This will be helpful for practitioners considering contracts and pacts with other beings, both physical and astral.



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