One of the most fascinating subjects of our age has been the concept of Twin Flames and Soulmates. Throughout history love has always been a theme from Hades and Perspehone in mythology, to Romeo and Juliet in literature. Most humans are captivated by stories that display bravery, inventiveness, and eternal companionship – even tragedies, such as star-crossed lovers – all in the name of love.

Since I was a child, I have had the fantasy that many girls have – finding someone with passion who only sees me. Even though many adults now find these thoughts foolish, there have been plenty of couples to prove them wrong. These successful relationships tease those that are looking for the same type of love. I believe this is why Twin Flames and Soulmates are such a popular subject. Our world is in a state of chaos now, and even though love itself is chaos, companionship can help relieve the stress of this reality.

From experience and observation, I have found there are many types of soulmates. None more perfect or better than any other. Happiness and companionship can be found in many types of relationships.


Types of Soulmates

These are the four main types of soulmates that I have observed:

Twin Flame: This seems to be the most sought out type of soulmate. Many people believe that they have another half; someone who completes the totality of their Self. Even in Greek mythology there is a story of how Zeus tore humans in half, into male and female, because of his fear of the power the human race possessed when complete. This idea perpetuates the hope that we can find someone who is perfect and can make us whole.

I believe this is the rarest phenomena regarding soulmates in general, since I believe most souls do not ‘split’ for any purpose. However, there is still a possibility a soul may decide to split from one’s whole Self to experience many lives simultaneously.

However, there are some cases where a “twin” can be missing soul pieces from trauma in other lives; have gained their own existence; or one of the ‘halves’ may have been rended forcibly. When this is the case, it is highly improbable that a Twin Flame relationship will work. In some cases it is impossible to find the other ‘half’ if one of the “twin” souls has been completely destroyed.

This phenomena is so rare that most people fall in the other soulmate categories that are mentioned in this article.

Bonded Soulmate: These soulmates are created, usually during a physical life. These are soulmates that create a bond by blood and oath. Sometimes this may be a soulmates of eternal friendship, or people that decide to wed each other through blood and an eternal oath. These soulmates are not guaranteed to like you in every life. In fact, if you both ended the relationship badly in one lifetime, you may still carry negative emotions with you. I have seen this happen several times, both in oaths taken in this life, and those who knew each other lifetimes ago.

For example, I knew a couple that had drank each other’s blood at their wedding. A year later one spouse became unfaithful, leaving their partner and child. Their vows were eternal. This means for eternity they may possibly seek each other out, but unless they learn their lessons in their new lifetimes, it may end, once again, end in tragedy.

I would caution anyone wishing to make blood oaths for marriage, or friendships, to reconsider. It is an eternal bond that may end in misfortune. We all find the people we need, in the time we need them. Soul tribe members can still be soulmates in our current, or other, lifetimes. It is not imperative to have “The One”.

Soul Tribe Mates: This is the most common soulmate, I have found. These are people that you have chosen to travel with throughout your lifetimes. They may be friends, family, lovers, or even acquaintances. You may feel as if you have known them forever, even though you may have just met.

The nice thing about your Soul Tribe is that there are many in it. This allows for freedom to find friends and lovers that are compatible. I also believe that people meet lovers and friends not originally in their tribe, and adopt them into the tribe when healthy relationships are built.

Soul Shard Mates: Soul shards are pieces of the original soul that were either disconnected from trauma (including violent deaths), or forcibly rent from the main soul. I am not sure how, but sometimes these shards retain enough of the main soul to become their own sovereign being. These types of soulmates seem to rarely like each other. When they do start a relationship, sometimes it ends with misunderstanding due to past life experiences, or the way one of the souls was created. It is possible, as with all soulmates, to work and maintain a successful relationship. However, I believe these types of soulmates are the ones that need to most work due to trauma and past life history.

There are other types of Soulmates as well, but these four are the most common.



How would you recognize a soulmate? It really depends on how open you are. There are times that there is an undeniable pull – knowing someone the moment you meet them. You may feel drawn towards a person for no particular reason, too. Some people even have a memory of the person and their lifetime together. Identifying others we have traveled with, or made promises to, is sometimes easy. However, sometimes neither person recognizes their connection until they get to know each other.

It can be tricky regarding romance, too, as one person may be totally shut off and not recognize anyone that is introduced to them in this lifetime. There are times that lovers are enemies this lifetime. It is also possible that one person may be very ill, or has vices that prevents them from being a good partner in this lifetime.

Through the experience of others, I have also found that Twin Flames are not always meant to be in this particular lifetime. There is no guarantee of recognition of any type of soulmate. Some people are disconnected from their spiritual self; they may not feel the emotions or energy needed to make a full spiritual connection. The fairy tale version of a perfect meeting is, unfortunately for many, pure fantasy. All relationships are hard work. Sometimes issues with self esteem, wealth, geographic location, life history, etc., can effect the way two people respond to each other; even if they ‘remember’ each other from a past life.

However, no matter what type of soulmate you may experience, it is important to remember that you are complete as you are. When you complete yourself, and foster traits in yourself that you wish to see in others, you attract the friends and lovers you seek.


Arachnia Stoneskull

February 18, 2017 10:21 a.m.

Photo Credit: “Hades and Persephone” by Alexandra V. Bacher (You can buy the print here: )