Vampires are not the predators that movies and modern occultism portrays. They can be your friend, your neighbor, or even your local helpful Lightworker. Most energy thieves aren’t true psychic vampires, yet they may still operate in a similar way by siphoning energy from unsuspecting people.

In this article, I will discuss symptoms that one may experience when having their energy stolen. I will also discuss ways a psychic vampire may target a person’s energy. This data is based on the experiences of my acquaintances and myself. When I speak of psychic vampires/energy thieves I am not referring to consensual sharing of energy; as what a consenting adult wishes to do is their own business. I am referring to people that knowingly, or unknowingly, take energy without consent.



Have you ever felt amplified emotions, or completely drained when around certain people? Have you ever felt sudden dizziness, or sudden bouts of anxiety around these same people? You may have had a run in with a psychic vampire. Here are some symptoms that may accompany a psychic attack to steal energy:

  • Feeling drained
  • Dizziness/lightheaded
  • Stomachache/nausea
  • Feeling a pull on any of your chakras, including the lesser chakras
  • Feeling something being put into your body or energy centers
  • Joints aching after being around a specific person (this also includes backaches, or pain in the kidneys, genitals, womb, etc.)
  • The urge, or craving, to see a specific person (glamouring) – someone you were previously uninterested in – more frequently
  • Feeling compelled to do a specific person’s bidding (mesmerizing), even though you feel drained later
  • Retreating from, and ignoring, family and friends
  • Fear of things you used to love to do, and people you used to love being around
  • Loss or gain of appetite, especially for foods or activities you normally don’t crave *
  • Paranoia *
  • Flu and cold-like symptoms *
  • A sudden euphoria around a specific person *
  • Sudden bursts of energy that leaves you feeling completely drained within hours or minutes *
  • Feeling sick when you are away from a specific person *
  • Depression *
  • Anxiety *
  • Insanity *

The symptoms with asterisks (*) may indicate that you may be the one involuntarily siphoning energy. Some symptoms are expressed in both the victim and the energy thief.

There may be more symptoms, but this is based on experiences of my acquaintances and myself. Some of these may also fall into symptoms experienced by those that have unrealized vampiric tendencies. If several of these symptoms effect you, determine if it’s around specific people or experienced when in a group. If it is the latter, it is possible that you are the psychic vampire. If the former, then you need to determine how the energy bond was formed, and protect yourself from being a future target.

Note: If this is a chronic problem, then it is most likely NOT an energy attack. Though I am not a medical professional, I know many people who suffer from mental illness and make accusations that they are being attacked frequently. Energy attacks are usually brief, and the symptoms don’t usually last for more than 48 hours at a time. Many mental and emotional illnesses also express themselves as physically and emotionally draining. In the case of severe paranoia, loss of appetite for food and favorite activities, along with depression and anxiety, may indicate a mental illness, or severe stress. If you express any of the previously mentioned symptoms, you should consider seeking medical attention immediately.



For vampires to establish a connection, there needs to be some form of bond created. This bond may be permanent or temporary. Some psychic vampires prefer to establish a permanent bond to create a thrall. A thrall is a slave that feeds a vampire. There are people that consent to letting a vampire feed off their energy or essence. However, I’ve known people that did not give consent, but were completely enthralled with the person feeding off of them.

Here are some ways a bond may be formed:

Exchange of Direct Energy: This is the easiest way to establish a bond. It is easy to create a bond through a hug, a touch on the shoulder or arm – even a handshake. When done with partners, the energy can be taken directly out of the hands, genitals, and chakras (energy centers). Energy exchange is not a bad thing – we do it every day with people we meet and objects we touch. It is when the energy is taken without consent that it would be considered unethical.

Indirect Energy Exchange: This is also common, but generally takes more skill than establishing a physical bond with someone. This can be done across the room, and even astrally. This is the ability to take, or exchange, energy from long distances without ever touching the target physically.

Charged Objects: This method is charging an object with either the vampire’s signature, or your own signature. It could be an object that the vampire gives you in order to cross any protections you have, including etheric shields and astral protection circles. This could include, but is not limited to, gifts of jewelry, magick items, or simple gifts like food or toys. The vampire may even show you one of their cherished objects, and let you touch it. Or they may ask you to charge the object for them. Because everything you touch has your energy signature, a link may also be established through a gift you give the vampire.

This is also why you should never touch another witch’s jewelry, altar items, or magickal tools. I have known some people to program their personal items to return an energy charge, or take energy, from anyone that touches the items without (and sometimes with) permission.

After you are able to identify the symptoms, the next step is to break the bond, if you wish. This will be discussed in the next article, along with healing and shielding yourself from future attacks.


-Arachnia Stoneskull

February 28, 2017; 6:53 p.m.

Photo Credit: “Atropos” by Chaosfissure