Shields and grounding are very useful tools when protecting one’s self from any kind of attack. The last two articles discussed types of vampires, how they bond, and some of the manifestations of symptoms when a psychic vampire is feeding. This article will focus on how to cut the bond, shield yourself from future attacks, and include brief healing techniques.

Breaking the Bond

Now that you have established that there may be a vampire feeding off you, it is time to get rid of the bond. When doing spells I suggest not naming anyone, even if you strongly suspect a specific individual. Doing a general spell does two things: It allows for the spell to work on anyone involved, including those that you don’t know have ill-will towards you. Secondly, it doesn’t hurt anyone that may actually be innocent. I have found many times that the person myself or other practitioners suspected of causing harm were not the true culprits. Sometimes the person may not even be aware they are causing harm. Many people create thought forms or wish harm on another, but don’t direct it as a spell. It can just be a subconscious desire, not a consciously directed thought.

Cord Cutting: This is one of the most effective ways to get rid of a bond. When doing this, you will cut ALL harmful bonds. The key is to wait 72 hours with no contact with any person. I would suggest doing this when you have three days that you can stay home. First, turn off your phone and let your family and friends know, so they don’t check up on you. After the ritual have minimal contact with people. The purpose is to give the cut bond time to heal. If you talk to the people whom you have cut bonds with before the end of the 72 hour quarantine, there is a chance of the bond reforming. If the bond reforms it is much stronger and very difficult to cut again.

There are several ways to cut bonds. I won’t discuss them here, because that in itself can be a lengthy process when done properly. However, there are many sources out there that have good rituals for cutting bonds.

Note: You will want to use a red cord as it represents blood – your life force. You will also only want to use a black candle, as this helps to amplify the dispelling of negative energy and forces that are attached to you during the ritual. DO NOT use a white candle as a substitute. White, because it is the absence of color, attracts and does not repel.

Also, after cutting the cords, you will want to visualize pulling out the “hooks” of the remaining “strings” of energy. You will need to visualize burning away these cords, as they still carry your personal energy signature.

Redirecting Energy: This is instilling your energy signature on an object, and programming the object to accept whatever negative energies or attacks are directed at you. This deflects the attack off your physical and spiritual vessel and into the object. I would suggest burying the object off your property, so the effects don’t spill over into your home.

Witch’s bottles, along with mirrors, can also be used to ‘trap’ and return this kind of energy.

Return to Sender: This is a favorite of a lot of witches. A return to sender is a spell that returns any negative energy, curses, or attacks back onto the person that sent it. Again, I suggest never using specific names, but doing a general spell. This can also be a way to see if the manifestation of the symptoms you experienced show up around in people you frequently interact with. This can be an indication of who to set boundaries with, or even choose to have no contact and interactions.


Shielding to prevent future attacks, or to lessen the symptoms, is the next step. I would suggest setting a permanent energy circle as the first shield (discussed in my article Sacred Space and Magickal Circles) before even performing any spell to break off contact. Here are some suggestions to ward off psy-vamp attacks.

Mirror Shield: I have discussed these in a previous article (Dangers of New Age Energy Sheilds). I am not fond of these types of shields, because of the confusion and chaos they may create. However, they do seem to work well against psy-vamps. If you choose to use this technique, you may have to deal with repercussions of being outed as a psy-vamp by those that are not accustomed to their latent powers and are feeding off of you. I would suggest this only in dire cases, and temporarily.

Energy Shield: This is a popular one that works well. However, you need to be aware that some psy-vamps can feed off any type of energy, including shields. This will keep out those that have lesser skills. You simply imagine and build an energy shield around your body. Many people create it to look like a luminescent egg surrounding the physical and ethereal bodies. You want to make sure the shield is tight with no holes. It will take maintenance. Some practitioners prefer to renew their shields during the Full Moon, but I suggest daily and weekly maintenance until you are strong enough to hold your shields for a month. If you feel you have been attacked, simply renew the shields at that time. This helps a lot of people feel safer, and can calm the mind from overthinking.

Enchanted Jewelry:This is another favorite of mine and other practitioners. It is very simple. You dedicate and infuse protective power into jewelry that you wear every day. While there are some stones and metals that enhance protection, you may choose any piece or type of jewelry. Plastic can be used, but doesn’t retain programming and energy as well. I would suggest metal rings or medallions.

Once you infuse power and program the jewelry, you upkeep it by putting the rest of your daily energy into the talisman before bed. The jewelry will store the energy until it needs to be used.


Healing is also a very important part of any kind of psychic or magickal attack. Here are some simple ideas to keep your physical and spiritual bodies healthy.

Salt Bath: A salt bath helps with grounding and ridding yourself of “negative” energy. It won’t break curses or get rid of feeder entities, but will help with any residual “negative” energy that you acquire throughout the day. It is also a great way to ground yourself and relax at the end of the day.

Energy Healing: There are many types of energy healing; Reiki being the most popular at this time. I would suggest learning how to do energy healing, or going to a healer. This does need to be maintained. If you feel particularly stressed or in physical pain, energy healing can take up to several weeks, when done daily, to see lasting results.

Exercise, Diet, Hydration: Keeping the physical body in good health means a healthy immune system. When we are physically healthy, it is easier to ward off psychic attacks. Also, you’ll feel great and have energy to do what needs to be done as a practitioner. Hydration cannot be emphasized enough. Water not only effects the physical, but also the mental and emotional.

If you suffer any physical or psychological ailments, it is imperative you see a doctor. Modern medicine is a type of alchemy. Never substitute magick or homeopathic remedies for a real physician’s advice.

These simple, yet effective, tools will help with maintaining every day spiritual health. In effect, you will be able to protect yourself and prevent certain magickal attacks.

-Arachnia Stoneskull

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