There are many ways to attract an entity and start the process of possession. I will briefly touch upon some of the different possessions that occur during magickal practices and ritual, and the differences between invocation and evocation in this article. You may be surprised by what is considered a possession.

Evocation versus Invocation, and Ritual Possession

Knowing the difference between evocation versus invocation can make a huge difference in the intention of your ritual. If your intention is to invite an entity into your ritual, but only in the area you are working, that is evocation. Any time you invite an entity into your body during a ritual (this includes channeling), this is a type a of possession called invocation.

Some practitioners do not know the difference. Many are surprised when they have a partial possession, and to find that they had invited the entity within their body. The problem with invoking a deity or entity into yourself, is that the being is much more difficult to expel due to the fact they were invited in willing; even if the practitioner did not know what they were truly doing. This is also why you need to interview any person before doing an exorcism, because there are different channels to go through in order to exorcise an entity or deity that was given permission to inhabit the body of the person afflicted.

Another interesting phenomenon of “possession” is when a person has been working with their soul, sometimes referred to as Higher Guardian Angel (HGA), daemon, or the Higher Self. Occasionally a person’s own soul will possess the body. This is an interesting concept, because it is assumed by many people that we are always in tune with our soul’s wants and needs, but that is not true. Sometimes when we try to connect fully with the Eternal aspect of the Self, we are allowing for more than just information to be “downloaded” into our physical vessel. This is also why it is not always wise to do an exorcism – it is possible that it is the person’s own soul trying to communicate with the physical consciousness, which is resisting the connection in some instances. This is also why some exorcisms are so violent: the person performing the exorcism is literally trying to expel the person’s soul. Exorcising someone’s true soul can result in adverse side effects that effect the person’s well being. As I stated in the previous article, what may look like a possession may actually be mental illness, too.

This is why I would advise to find a true, unbiased, and non-egocentric soul seer before doing an exorcism. The person who is afflicted must be interviewed and be helped by mental health professionals before an exorcism should remotely be considered. If you notice someone blames one or two entities or deities on possession or obsession, then get a second opinion. There are infinite entities and most do not even care to interact with humans. Sometimes it is our own fear that creates problems, which is why you need a true soul seer to see where the problem lies.

Occasionally possessions and obsessions done through ritual or magick will stick around, and will not leave. This article will explain the types of possession that may be used during ritual. I will list a few of different ways that practitioners practice possession, as it is not clear all the time what a possession actually is.

Invocation Possession: This is the practice of calling in an entity, or deity, within yourself during rituals and ceremonies. The purpose of this is to give the being an anchor into this world through your body. The person who calls in the entity is now a temporary representation of the entity during the ceremony or celebration. Most of these that I have seen are partial possessions; meaning both the entity and host’s soul reside within the physical body simultaneously. The host normally has various states of control over their vessel in this state. However, there are rare times a full possession may occur. The host rarely remembers these experiences, but those involved notice a difference in demeanor and speech pattern of the host.

Some practitioners do not “release” the entity they called into them. This is a direct invitation for the entity to enter the host’s vessel at will. It is important to remember that when this happens, the host is never in full control. However, the host may feel they are in complete control, but also have acquired more power and abilities. These are borrowed, and as soon as the possession and signatures are removed, these powers and abilities will be removed as well.

Channeling Possession: Channeling is a common way to contact entities and deities, especially within the New Age and occult communities. The connection, once created, allows an entity to possess and speak physically through the host’s vessel. There are usually two ways to do this. The first is personal channeling – which is receiving messages through personal revelation. Usually in a solitary channeling the entity or deity speaks directly through the host mentally, though it sounds physical. It is an internal process versus external if others are present to hear a message. When channeling with others, the entity or deity usually takes full control, and the host’s soul is completely subjugated. This allows for the message to be recorded and witnessed by physical witnesses. This also helps the host, as the other participants can usually “push” the entity out of the host’s vessel if it won’t leave.

Like invocation, any time a practitioner channels, it is an open invitation for the entity to return. With the lower level entities it is easier to set a time limit, however, they may still leave a signature or “back door” in the host. A “back door” is a portal created within the physical vessel, usually through one of the main energy centers, but it can be located any where. Because a “back door” is a portal and the entity isn’t physically connected to the host, these can be nearly impossible to detect.

It also important to remember that many entities may come as Light beings, but are there to feed or deceive the host, and anyone present. This is most common with any entity that claims to be the ALL, part of a command center, or has a title like Lord, Director, Commander, YHVH, Ba’al, Lucifer, etc. These are all titles, not names, and the entity is attempting to deceive, feed, and control the host and any participants involved.

Portal Opening Possession: Opening portals is another possible way for a possession to occur. There are many types of portals, but these are the most common.

The first, and most important portals, to discuss is what I call personal portals. Many energy portals exist in the body. Most metaphysical practitioners refer to these centers as chakras. There are more than the “main” seven portals throughout your body . Different energy portals correspond with different types of “worlds” and abilities. When opening these centers during ritual, it is important to remember that there are some portals that have weaker defenses than others. These means there is a possibility that what we see, we may bring back. I call these Riders (some refer to them as hitchhikers), similar to the entities that follow back souls that have died and are revived back into their physical body.

Other portals that can pull through entities by using them are mirrors, scrying bowls, electronics, and objects associated with gateways and communication – like ouija and spirit boards.

Creating gateways for entities to cross over into this realm may also effect the practitioner who opened and anchored the gate. The person who is attached to the gate through their energy signature may create an attachment to certain entities that come through the opened gate.

Soul Possession: A soul possession is when you let the eternal aspect of yourself, what some call the soul, to have complete control of your body – or to channel that aspect of yourself. Since your soul contains all aspects of what you are, it may manifest as demonic or not carry the traits you present outwardly. It is still a reflection of your true self – even the parts you try to hide.

When calling in your soul, all your aspects may be expressed. If you have not done extensive Shadow Work, negative traits may express themselves and seem out of control. For some people, they mistake the parts of themselves that they cannot face for demons or outside possessions. This may even manifest as a poltergeist, or manifest similar to a demonic possession shown in the movies. These manifestations occur when there is a lot of guilt, shame, and regret that have attachments to the Shadow Self regarding the person showing expressions of a possession. In this case, I would suggest someone who actually sees souls to determine if it’s the person’s soul, or an entity. You will find many of those that express symptoms of “movie” possessions will deny that it is them, as they cannot psychologically accept that they are the fountain of their problems.

There are also some people that invite and welcome possessions. Please, respect the wishes of these people as they usually have a symbiotic, consensual relationship. It is none of our business, no matter how worried we are, to interfere with the life of others unless asked.

Next week I’ll discuss the different types of possession that are acquired without ritual. This will entail some sensitive subjects, but ones that need to be addressed.


-Arachnia Stoneskull


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