The last article focused on possessions that could be invoked or obtained through ritual. This article will focus on common possessions — possessions that happen through non-ritualistic events. It is to be noted most possessions and obsessions are not picked up from ritual, but circumstantial situations. Most people carry a feeder or two on them. This is nothing to be alarmed about, unless it starts to effect your behavior or mood. There are ways to get rid of these, and other types of entities, that do not reside in the body. However, the discussion in this article is going to focus on possession where entities actually reside in the body, or it is forcing its way into a physical vessel. Actual possession is very rare, and obsessions are uncommon.

Common Possessions

For simplicity’s sake, I will define common possessions as those that a host did not incur through ritual. These possessions can be gained in any number ways. As I stated in the previous article, these are very uncommon. There is nothing to fear from daily activities; this is just a short list of some ways you can pick up an attachment that may lead to possession.

Drugs: This is one of the most common ways to pick up a possession or an obsession. A person’s body has energy centers that act like portals and beacons. When a person abuses certain drugs like methamphetamine, opiates, and alcohol, these energy centers become weakened and unguarded. If a person who heavily uses chemical substances is possessed, there is usually an infestation of entities in their area of residence. Both the person and their residence must be exorcised, and an additional banishing must done in the place of dwelling.

Because chronic users can attract these entities at any time, it is best to get the person help to become sober and clean. If you exorcise the host in this condition, because they still use drugs, it will attract another possession or obsession. However, since the host will be weakened from the exorcism, they may incur a worse possession during the time they are recovering.

Trauma: When a person is forced to face a lot of trauma, they may enter in a dissociative state. While this in itself is not enough to allow for possession, continual trauma with the addition of physical and emotional pain may factor into a possession. In this case, a person’s will to live and frequency of dissociated states may play a large part in these types of possessions. Interestingly enough, the entities that enter into a traumatized person’s vessel are usually very protective of the vessel and the consciousness that resides within it. I have seen obsessions with traumatized children that function the same, but do not enter the body. These types of entities usually act like guardians or parents, but can become very violent when provoked. Many people with these types of possessions and obsessions will be less willing to give up the connection, because they feel protected and safe with the entities they bonded with. These do not necessarily need to be exorcised as long as the person and entity involved are satisfied with the bond, and it’s not interfering with their daily life.

Malignant or Viral Infestations: Some possessions and obsessions can be “viral”. This can occur when another person has several possessions and obsessions with them. Most people who have these types of possessions/obsessions will also have a lot of malevolent entities residing wherever this person lives. The most common type of viral possessions/obsessions is surprisingly fae. A friend mentioned that this is because the fae can be very vengeful and sees anyone that enters the house of their target as being an ally of that person. It’s rare, but I have seen people where one person had a fae infestation and their partner had an infestation of Abyssian creatures. Any time I would go to their house I would bring back entities with me, and have to do a banishing. When I figured out what was going on, the last few times I visited, I told the entities that I was there on business and that I was not associated with them as friends.

In this situation, I would suggest cutting off ties with these types of people. Most people will try to blame their infestations on those that come and visit, or other people that they perceive as “enemies”. If there is an infestation of entities, it was invited in through ritual or disrespect. It can also be induced by deities punishing a practitioner (which was the case with the example above).

I would suggest adding banishing and exorcism wards to your personal residence in case you do meet someone with an infestation. Unfortunately, I did not have this knowledge at that time, but I will include some sigils and symbols in a future article that will keep these types of entities out of your sacred circle and home.

Portals and Ley Lines: One of the best places to conduct ritual, and carries great energy when exploring the outdoors, are portals and ley lines. I mention this as a non-ritual possession, because portals and ley lines are a natural occurrence, whether we are aware of them or not.

A portal is a doorway to another plane or dimension. It may be anything, including a tree, a specific place, a river, even a person. In fact, every person has several portals on their body (the modern terms are energy centers or chakras, which are all over your body). Portals may also be artificially created through ritual or through events that generated a lot of energy (usually a place where mass murders or violence had taken place).

Ley lines are like “highways” of energy. There are naturally everywhere, and some even create geometry (these are considered very powerful). It is said fae and spirits use ley lines to travel . Ley lines are natural and not created.

Natural portals and ley lines are usually not a problem. However, if a person has desecrated an area or offended the natural land spirits, they may find themselves with a new companion. I surmise that it is why some people have angry fae and forest spirit infestations. Repeated offenses are not taken lightly with these type of entities.

Feeders: Feeders are entities that attach themselves to the ethereal body, and can effect the spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical. These entities are relatively weak and are pretty easy to deal with, mostly by changing habits. They feed off emotions and mental states (including love, joy, and other pleasurable feelings). Most are not a problem and will eventually leave unless they find a really good food source they can manipulate. If some one sees “snakes”, “squid/octopus”, “black tendrils”, “black blobs”, etc. on a person, this is a description of a feeder. These can be removed through emotional regulation, energy healing, or having a shaman “pull them off”.

I would suggest emotional regulation for most people. The other simple option is “bathing” one’s self in destructive light throughout the body.  The light breaks up and disintegrates any negative energies or entities. Unless you are experienced, I would not suggest getting rid of feeders yourself if these simple techniques do not work. Feeders have hooks and tendrils that if left behind can burrow into your energy centers and continually cause problems.

If an exorcism is considered, the host must go through some life changes to ensure that the entity cannot reenter their vessel. It is also a time to observe when the entity steps in and out of the body, as you need to learn the signature of the afflicted versus the signature of the entity. This is important if you are to bind and remove the entity, safely. You must also help change the traits and behavioral patterns of the afflicted; there is always something that drew the entity to them the first place.

In the next article I will discuss the interviewing phase. This is probably the most important when preparing for a banishing or exorcism.

-Arachnia Stoneskull

June 4, 2017 10:41 A.M.

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