Now that you’ve assessed the situation, and there is no real progress – even with the host wholeheartedly changing habits – then it’s time to do an exorcism. By now the entity should be somewhat weakened through the efforts of the host to cut off its feeding source.

This article will focus on a brief discussion about exorcism and the aftercare. I have not included any exorcism rituals, because it varies from each magical and religious practice – and it is extremely dangerous when done by someone that has no experience. If you have done the assessment and do not have the experience, you should get a hold of an expert who can perform the exorcism safely.


Usually when exorcisms are mentioned, movies like The Exorcist come to mind. The symptoms and actual exorcism are usually not so dramatic. If properly done, there will be almost no pain or damage to the host. It is normal for the host and exorcist to be fatigued after the ritual.

If the host is contorting at all, you may need to take a different approach than a traditional exorcism. Contorting and pain can mean one of two things: the entity has stepped outside the host and you are rending the actual soul of the host, or the entity has already began the final stages of assimilation. However, the most common reason for pain and contortions is that the “host” was never possessed in the first place. If this happens, I would suggest getting someone that can physically see entities, so they can tell if there is an entity attached, or if mental illness is really the cause of the host’s afflictions.

Again, if you are not experienced, do not attempt an exorcism!

There is a lot of preparation for a successful exorcism and banishing. The reason I am not including these is that this article is for information, not a how-to on an activity that I think only seasoned and experienced practitioners should consider.


Aftercare is important and not just for exorcisms, but after any heavy ritual or banishing. I am including this for those that perform exorcisms already. I find these suggestions also can also prevent, or lessen, a possession without the help of an outside source. I suggest all these be done for about 90 days (or three Full Moon cycles): but no less than from the time the exorcism occurred, plus the time from the next Full Moon to the next complete Full Moon phase after that. This will be 28-45 days depending on when the next Full Moon pinnacle occurs. [For example, if the exorcism is performed at the pinnacle of the Full Moon, that is at the minimum 28 days of aftercare. If it occurs 8 days before the pinnacle of the Full Moon, that is a minimum of 36 days.]

Salt Bath/Shower: This is a very simple and effective way to ground yourself each day. Grounding is important for prevention and caring for your physical body. All you need to do is add Epsom salt into your bath water (though some people prefer sea salt). If you only have a shower, add salt into a mesh bag. Jewelry bags or tea bags work well. You can add herbs and oils, if you choose. I do this every night; not only does it ground me, but it also makes my skin soft.

If you choose, you can bless the water. Remember to thank the water when you drain it after the ritual bath.

A simple blessing or spell could go like this:

“I bless this water to remove all blockages and energy keeping me from achieving my goals. So Shall I Will It.”

“I bless this water to protect my body, mind, and spirit. So Mote It Be.”

“I bless this water for [whatever you want to bring to you] in the name of [deity you choose]. So Mote It Be.”

These are just some examples of blessings in different formats based on belief. The first would be power from within, while the last is from a power outside of yourself. Feel free to explore different methods and blessings, as we all react differently to certain types of spells.

Sigils and Wards: After an exorcism, the host will be weak. One way to help prevent another entity invasion at this time is to wear and draw sigils on the body. You will need to do this every night before sleeping, and every morning when first awake. This protects the person who was the host. It also garners energy every time it is used, helping it’s efficacy regarding protection. There are many types of protection sigils. You can even channel or make one of your own to infuse power into. For example, I have one that I was shown from the Archangel Samael that is extremely effective. I use His sigil for both wards and protection. I also use His sigil to compel beings to leave a location or vessel.

Circle or Protection Around Living Area: This is another precaution in order to prevent minor entities from entering the home, so that they can not take up residence while the person is recovering. This is a personal choice, as not everyone likes having circles around their living space due to the type of magickal practices and beliefs. To learn more about circles, you can read my article Sacred Spaces and Magickal Circles.

Circle the Sleeping Area: This is an imperative step. Even if the person who was afflicted does not like circles, this precaution needs to be done. This provides two-fold protection while sleeping. First, this keeps out entities from trying to crawl into the body while it is vulnerable. Second it prevents entities from “riding” back with you when returning from dreaming or astral walking. This step I definitely suggest for the three complete cycles of the Full Moon.

Counseling/Medication/Help with Addictions: Because you have determined the cause of what attracted the entity in the first place, the best source of prevention is to change habits so that it won’t attract a similar entity. Whatever attracts entities that can possess a vessel is that person’s true source of weakness. These traits and habits will need to be worked on and maintained to prevent another possession.

Counseling, medication, and getting help with emotional regulation or addiction, is one of the most effective ways to help the afflicted.

Note: If you have suggested this, and the person chooses not to do this, then walk away. They most likely will attract another possession if an exorcism is performed. Until a person shows true change, they will not be stable enough to protect their own physical vessel.

Hydration and Diet: This is another important physical aspect, along with enough rest. When we don’t eat right, or don’t drink enough liquid, our bodies and immune system become weakened. This includes drugs such as alcohol, weed, methamphetamine, DMT, and other chemicals that drastically change our body and mind’s perception. Water is very important, as it not only helps to flush out the body, but a dehydrated person can have hallucinations. Hallucinations may open a “portal” and possibly allow entities or thought forms into the physical vessel.

Rest: When your body and mind are tired, rest. Without rest, again the body can weaken and hallucinations can occur. You want the ex-host to be as physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually strong as possible.

Balancing the Physical, Emotional, Mental, and Spiritual: I call the four important aspects of self “houses”. The four houses are the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. These “house” different aspects that are required for a healthy vessel and soul. All of these houses are connected; when one is focused on more than the others, or there is neglect, all of the houses suffer from imbalance. I would suggest exercise, learning, and some sort of spiritual practice that doesn’t include an induced trance state. You will also want to take note of your emotions and learn to cope with difficult situations, as the mental and emotional houses are closely tied to each other. This also includes learning more about yourself so that you can change habits or learn coping skills. A good foundation of self is one of the best preventatives.

Set Boundaries: A possession is an invasion of the physical vessel. This can leave a person feeling out of control, or powerless. Setting boundaries is not only a great way to feel empowered, but it can help in your interpersonal relationships, too. I would suggest using these boundaries to cut out toxic relationships in your life that may cause stress, or make it harder to resist habits that can leave you open to possession and sickness. I would also suggest finding new friends that align with healthy living and relationships – ones that are supportive. A support group for the person afflicted will really help with their recovery physically and emotionally.

Do What You Love: Engaging in healthy, positive activities also helps a person with their self-esteem and their attitude. Go do art, go dancing, learn a new skill, spend more time with family – do what makes you happy! This will generate a type of energy that discourages a lot of entities that want to take full possessions. It also boosts the spiritual immune system, while encouraging mental and emotional wellness.

NO MAGIC OR MEDITATION: Do not participate in anything that requires an altered state of mind. This opens one’s self up like a portal, especially when a person is weakened after an exorcism. There should be no magickal workings or meditation for three complete Full Moon cycles. Doing so can cause a lot of problems if you choose to continue practicing certain conscious-altering techniques. If you pray, keep altars, smudge/sage, bless (only yourself), or ground yourself, these techniques are approved. No ceremonial rituals, channeling, meditations that induce altered states of mind, no summoning, etc. should be performed during this time.

Proper aftercare and support is not only preventative, but also can help with positive life changes. You may use the aftercare section any time you feel that you need a break or feel spiritually lost, too. By taking the proper precautions, the host should be able to completely heal and possibly surpass previous health expectations.

-Arachnia Stoneskull

June 10, 2017 7:00 p.m.

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