This is part of an essay I did for an online class. The second half I have decided to publish as separate, because it conveys a different idea. This essay was based off Gnostic videos and ideas that were being studied. I found I have several opposing views to popular Gnostic beliefs because of my experiences and discussions with my tutelage entities and deities. These essays are a gateway into my mind and show the basis of not only my belief, but the foundation for the temple, The Flame of the Black Serpent. The essays aren’t as smooth and edited as my articles, but I think they show the spirit of my beliefs and experiences. Enjoy!

“A few of things that have interested me in the past is the thought of gnosis – gaining spiritual knowledge through experience. That is quite important to me, and I believe that self revelation is the only way for a person to begin walking their true path. I would say this plays heavily into my “teaching” style, which is more a guideline or pointing a person in a direction to begin. I believe that both the good and bad experiences are what make us all unique, and oddly, the same. I believe that through our experiences we also have a greater ability to connect to others through compassion and empathy.

The second subject I am interested in is the Serpent from the mythos of the Garden of Eden. I personally do not believe it is Lucifer, but Samael – the original Satan and Demiurge. I don’t see the event as a bad thing, except through the “loss of innocence”. I think even then that innocence can be restored as a spiritual aspect when we follow our True Will.

I don’t see the Serpent as evil, but a necessary catalyst to the metaphor of evolution, and the initiation into adulthood and responsibility. Many people in modern thought see this initiation as the first time a girl starts menses, or a boy creates first viable seed. The loss of innocence is the beginning of true gnosis. We begin to see our place in the world and gain the appropriate knowledge to thrive as a human being.

The last subject that has interested me is Crowley’s saying “Love is the Law, Love under Will”. I have pondered this often. When I speak to entities, especially deities, the way we understand love as humans is foreign and “small” to them. It’s like a child trying to express love without know what it is, or how it feels. I am not sure love is quite the right word to use. Perhaps joy with non-judgment is better in some sense. In the context of joy, I think that is the soul’s true motivation. When we feel joy in what we do, it is not a burden but an ecstatic experience that seems to pave the path for smooth transitions. It seems the “Universe/Cosmos” without effort aligns all the opportunities and paths to open up. Joy seems to be the key.

Love could also be understood as unconditional love – or love without judgment. It is not possible to achieve this as a human, as our biases are biologically physical and our experiences are deeply entrenched in the psyche. But I do believe that we need to love ourselves, especially when we find our true purposes. It’s not all Love and Light for many people, so a person’s true purpose may be hard to accept. The second part to the statement “ Love under Will”, to me, simply means find your true purpose, live in the moment, and take action about it. “Just Do It!” as the Nike shoe slogan states.”

Arachnia Stoneskull

August 23, 2017 7:22 p.m. (Edited September 15, 2017 approx. 9:40 p.m.)

Picture Credit: “The Temptation of Eve” by John Roddam Spencer Stanhope