This is another excerpt from an online class that I would like to share. I cleaned up the essay by adding and taking out parts of the original essay:

I have thought about the context of the Dove and the Serpent many times. Most of my life I tried to be the Dove – the Light and the messenger. I am not a Dove though. I found not following my true purpose has brought much pain and grief into my life.

Through much study of Self I have learned that I am more aligned with the Dark; the Serpent. However, I see a Serpent as a messenger from the Underworld. To me the Serpent is positive compared to modern implications that the Serpent is evil and deceiving.

The Serpent brings wisdom through poisonous spiritual knowledge. This may cause cognitive dissonance in order to destroy old beliefs, including beliefs of Self. This is why I believe Samael, the Poison of God, is the true Serpent spoken of in the mythos of Eden. The poison of the Serpent can be the catalyst to spiritual enlightenment, causing a complete transformation of Self. Through this transformation we can “shed” our skin to allow growth. However, the opposite may also happen. The soul may become poisoned, destroying the seeker in a physical and spiritual sense. The latter event may leave the seeker completely spiritually and physically despondent.

I choose the path of a Serpent for several reasons. First, I am a Trickster and it gives me joy to challenge others – to “poison” their mind, if you will. I love to  challenge people’s beliefs, including my own. Most of the time this challenge may not influence who I am speaking with, but those listening to, or reading, the conversation . If I can anger a person so they begin to rethink, or research a subject to “prove” me “wrong”, I feel I have done a good job. They are on the path to possibly finding information that may help them grow in some fashion.

I also chose the Serpent over the Dove, because of the Underworld connection. In many ancient mythologies, the Underworld and the Heavens/Cosmos were one and the same. I feel this has more truth than the duality taught in many religions. Therefore, the Serpent is also a sacred messenger – one that encourages growth through pain, but allows a complete transformation. The Dove only offers a message and good feelings – a motivation that dissipates quickly from human consciousness. We, as humans, understand suffering and pain. When we come to a breaking point, we say, “ENOUGH!” The Serpent represents the freedom and growth from rejecting the poison (usually self administered) and transcendence. By acting in a fashion to improve our self, or our situation, we overcome and transcend the obstacles we face.

I align myself with the way of the Serpent, as I believe that gods are “Celestial Dragons and Serpents”, and I am one of Them. I prefer to be called a Gatekeeper, but know I am a Lightbearer, similar to Lucifer. I believe these Serpents are keepers of knowledge, law, and balance. Like the Ouroboros, everything is a cycle and there is no end. We follow this cycle and flow of the Cosmos.

I would like to add that anyone who has gained apotheosis in the Luciferian concept, knows it’s only the beginning. There will never be an apex, and there will never be a total knowledge of everything. When we stop learning and become stagnant, I believe we die spiritually. There is never an end, until we choose it. To me, this cycle is like a spiral – never ending. When we return back to point “A”, we are ready for deeper understanding of that particular subject or lesson.

I know I have chosen well. I have become much more spiritual, more involved with life, more concerned about my mental and physical health. My self-esteem is overall much healthier, and I have good boundaries.

I do not regret my choices, as they made me who I am today. I encourage everyone, no matter how uncomfortable, to embrace their life fully and explore their inner Self. It is worth the heartache and pain.

-Arachnia Stoneskull

August 23, 2017 7:22 P.M.; January 5, 2018 6:44 P.M.


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