Ever feel like you can’t get over a bad relationship? That you are consistently attracting what you don’t want in your life? Do you feel cursed, jinxed, or drained? Are there people that you wish would leave you alone permanently? These types of concerns can easily be relieved by doing a cord cutting.

What is a cord cutting? Cord cutting is releasing ties to people and situations that you do not wish to be involved with, allowing you to reset your boundaries with them. This is an easy way to relieve stress, but it does have after care that is just as important as the ritual itself.

This article will explain some reasons to cut cords and ways to cut the cords.

Why Cord Cutting?

Here are some reasons you may consider cord cutting:

  1. You feel drained around certain people.
  2. You want to leave a situation that causes problems and drama.
  3. A relationship no longer works for you, and is toxic for one or both parties.
  4. You have people, or an organization, that you no longer want to be associated with.
  5. You reach out to people. Cord cutting can be used similar to a cleansing. The purpose is to keep in contact only with those you wish to have in your life permanently.
  6. You need a fresh start. This include cords connected to a job, a living space, family, etc.
  7. You need to ritualistically disconnect from previous influences and entities. Deities don’t always allow for a cord cutting, though.
  8. To rid yourself of toxic behaviors and traits.

Here are some benefits of cord cutting:

  1. You will feel much better. This could include physical and mental symptoms of anxiety, fatigue, pain, etc.
  2. You will have more clarity in situations, so you can make healthier and better choices.
  3. You will be able to change a trait or habit easier.
  4. You won’t have to worry about repercussions of another person’s action related to magic. This is especially if you have bonded with someone, and they are making poor choices. This could include your students or friends.
  5. You will have a fresh start with your current relationships.
  6. You have control of who you let into your life.
  7. You can establish new boundaries with those who are friends, family, co-workers, and even strangers.
  8. It can help you establish a healthier routine for your physical and mental aspects of yourself.

How to Cut Cords

Now that you know what you can do with this versatile spell/working, it is time to think about a specific reason to do the cord cutting. After choosing a specific reason, then it is time to prepare yourself, and then do the ritual.

I am not going to write out a full ritual, but list the components. These are two rituals are both viable ways to cut cords.

Ritiual One: Cutting Cords with Physical Tools

Tools: Athame/knife; red cord/string/yarn (general color used to represent a cord); dragon’s blood incense (protection); use a white candle (for destroying/neutralizing energy).

  1. Prepare yourself. Make sure that you are in a stable condition, first of all. A cord cutting needs to be done with the least amount of emotion as possible. If you are in a good state of mind, take a ritual bath. You can find information on this here.
  2. Cleanse your Space.
  3. Draw the Circle. (This is optional, depending on your practice.)
  4. Call in the Four Quarters/Watchtowers. Then, if you wish, call in your guides and guardians.
  5. Call in deity. You will need to research deities that deal with balance, then use one to call into the ritual.
  6. State your purpose. Explain succinctly why you are doing the cord cutting.
  7. The ritual. You will take a red cord and hold it in one hand (your non-dominant hand). Visualize the cords you wish to cut, using the physical cord as a representation for all the cord/s you are cutting. When you can feel the energy in the cord, declare that you are cutting the chords for the reason you previously stated. Then take the athame and fill it with a cutting energy.  Cut the cord. Next take the cut cord, and imagine that all the cord/s you attached to it are dissolving while you burn them over the white candle.
  8. Healing. There are many ways to heal yourself, and this is one of the things you must do after a ritual like this. Cord cutting is like doing surgery on your soul/ethereal body. Use whatever method of healing you are comfortable with to fill up the “holes” left by the cords.
  9. Communion. This is when you generally give an offering to the deity, if you haven’t in the beginning. It is also the time to do cakes and ale if you commune with your deities this way.
  10. Thank and Release Deity.
  11. Thank and release your guardians and guides; then thank and release the Quarters/Watchtowers.
  12. Release the Circle.


Ritual Two: Energy Cord Cutting

Tools: Incense (optional)

  1. Do step 1-3 from Ritual One. You may call in the Watchtowers, if it helps to make you feel safer.
  2. State your purpose. This is optional, but it helps to establish what you are doing and why. This helps to signal to the mind that you are doing a ritual.
  3. The Ritual. This is all about using your power. You may use an athame to help visualize the cutting of cords. You will go through your whole body, cutting the cords, or gently removing the hooks from your ethereal body. I prefer the latter – it is more gentle and not as much healing is needed. Check your body when you are finished in order to make sure you pulled out all the cords you need. Either during or after cutting/pulling a cord, then hold it/them in your hands and generate a burning light to dissolve them permanently.
  4. Healing. You need to fill in all the “holes” with your personal energy, or you may use healing energy to fill the “holes” in.
  5. Follow steps 9, 11, and 12 from Ritual One.

After Care

General magic hygiene is all that is needed for aftercare. Magic and meditation should be put on hold for at least 48 hours. Regarding the people you cut cords with, you need to have absolutely no contact with them for at least 72 hours. This includes texts, social media, phone conversations, etc. If you contact the person, then you may establish a much stronger bond. Sometimes reestablished bonds cannot be broken without intervention of a coven, or at least several seasoned practitioners.

You may also follow the general aftercare for exorcisms, since this is a type of exorcism. You can find more information about that type of aftercare here.

This is a powerful tool for any practitioner to learn. However, you may do it as often as you need, just follow the aftercare instructions.

Be responsible and stay safe.

Arachnia Stoneskull

January 20, 2018; 8:56 A.M.

Photo: Searching for Credit