Before you is a garden full of colorful flowers. You walk in the beauty of the fragrant lilies and roses. Giant guards wearing white and gold armor appear; all are standing still, flanking the sides of the pathway. They are stoic, and their helmets cover their eyes. The wings and spears mark them as angelic. You nervously walk past the guards on the grey stone pavement that turns into a gleaming white limestone. You now see enormous terraced stairs that have a garden on each set. You climb the stairway and a vast, white temple looms above you. There are people milling about talking, playing instruments, and reading scrolls and books. Welcome to one of the astral temple libraries.

There are infinite temples on the astral planes, including your own. The example above is one of the many public temples that contain a library, though the temple above is not the Great Library. There are many types of temples. There are temple libraries, temples for learning about war and fighting, court temples for laws and justice, and even your own personal temple.

Though not everyone has a temple, you can build on in your sacred place.

I am going to focus on the personal temple, as it is one of the most important temples you can utilize.

Temple Uses

There are many uses for a temple. Here are a few suggestions:

  • You can use your temple to do rituals that cannot be done on the physical plane. This is good for anyone that isn’t allowed to do rituals in their place of residence, or if you are traveling.
  • You can use it as a place to meditate.
  • You can use the temple as your creative space. Creativity and visualization are important skills in magic, and your temple can help you hone these skills.
  • Invite entities into a safe place before allowing them in your physical ritual space. Think of it as an interview. In this context, you will want to offer your guest some exchange of energy, too.
  • You can create a manifestation in your temple, and pull the manifestation back into the physical.
  • If you need refuge from the world, this is also a great place to go to escape for awhile.
  • You can do any astral type of work, or shamanism, at your temple.
  • You can invite trusted colleagues and friends to your temple to study or hone magic skills.
  • You should have a copy of your Life Book in your temple. You can read this book, which contains everything you need to know about yourself, your contracts, and past lives.

There are many uses for your temple. These are the more common and useful ways to utilize your temple. This is your personal space – play with it!

The neat thing about temples is you can add on, or destroy, what you don’t like. It is an expression of your subconscious and past lives. It can even be an expression of the type of soul you are. The latter types of temples are usually more permanent temples, but you can usually add on to it.

You may visit your temple any time you like. There are meditations out there that can get you to your temple. I am not going to include one, because it was a lesson that belongs to the Temple of Hermetic Mysteries. You may need to create your own meditation that helps you get to your temple.

Your temple will be one of your best tools in your magic kit. It is one of the most versatile tools that you have at your disposal regarding ritual, too. My manifestations and workings seem to come to fruition quicker and stronger if I use my temple.

It is also a place of play and imagination. I encourage you exploring not only the grounds, but also building and destroying aspects of your temple. This will help with your visualization. It will also help with your creation spells, including those for thought forms. You can, in fact, create thought forms in your temple and contain them there until it is time to use them.

Now that you know some uses for your personal temple, enjoy!

-Arachnia Stoneskull

February 11, 2018; 8:52 A.M.