Visualization meditations are one of my favorite tools for astral traveling and contacting other beings. I am going to give you the steps for setting up your own visual meditation, so that you can travel and communicate on your own. You should find this very useful in amplifying your magical practices and rituals, too.

Building A Visual Meditation Ritual

This is a simple template for building your own meditation. It is easier than you think, and very versatile; you may add or skip any steps that suit you. This is a suggested outline to help with visualization and contacting the subconscious. It is good for beginners and intermediate practitioners alike.

  1. Get Comfortable. Decide what position you will be in and stay in it. Some favorites of practitioners are sitting straight in a chair, sitting cross-legged, and lying down.
  2. Deep Breaths. You can decide how many works for you. I prefer four breaths, myself. Go here to learn more about meditative breath.
  3. Count Up. Count from one to ten. I visualize darkness that lightens up gradually to a path. This is a way to create change in your subconscious; this lets it know that you are changing from every day thought patterns to focusing on the meditation itself.
  4. Open the Door. You will come to a door after the pathway. This is a ‘door to the subconscious’. This is where you will cross the threshold of worlds.
  5. Location. This next part will be the location of where you work. Be sure to be detailed in your mind. If you are doing it with others than leave the details vague so they can use their own imagination.
  6. Event. This is the part where you do your work. You will want to make sure that you are fully into the meditation at this point, because there will need to be a lot of concentration on your working. This is the ‘body’ of the meditation. You can make this as vague or detailed as you wish since it is your own working.
  7. Close the Door. After you finish what you planned, then it is time to go back to your body and the physical plane. You will do everything in reverse, so you will leave the location back through the door that you came through.
  8. Count down and Ground. You will count back from ten to one. As you start to ‘wake’, make sure you feel like you are in your body. Wiggle your fingers and toes; stretch your body. When you feel like you are back on the physical plane, then open your eyes.

Here are a few articles I wrote that contain sample meditations:

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If you are worried about doing it by memory, you can record the meditation and play it back during the ritual. You can also get a friend to take you through the meditations.

Have fun and play around with this formula. Remember that each meditation is designed to help you personally, so find what really fits for you. Enjoy!

Arachnia Stoneskull

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