Are you having trouble with a person, even after cutting cords and binding them? There are, admittedly, times that binding and cord cutting are not as effective as you wish them to be. Doing a Magical No Contact Order may be the answer to your problem.

What is a Magical No Contact Order?

A Magical No Contact Order is a binding contract that keeps both parties from interfering in each other’s business. It is a way to “cease, and desist” all magic workings against each other, whether it is positive or negative. Neither of you will be able to use magic against each other. You can do this with organizations, such as churches, too.

While both parties cannot use magic against each other, this also includes family, friends, acquaintances, etc. This is what makes it such an effective defense.

I use this with magicians I work with or friends. I also use it against people that curse me, or seem to become a problem. Prevention is better than war. I consider it a great last defense if a person or coven won’t stop with magical attacks, also.

It should be noted since it is a no contact order, that means both parties are not allowed to do magic against each other. If you choose to use magic against the person or organization that you have a Magical No Contact Order with, then it will become null. In fact, taking action can cause a huge back lash if there have been certain spells that built up during the course of that time.

With all of that in mind, it is a serious spell that requires integrity, no matter how angry you become after the fact. It is better to do this with people that you will no longer have established contact with, simply because it is easier to forget about them and not be tempted to punish them later.

How Can I get a Magical NCO?

It is relatively easy to ask for a Magical No Contact Order. However, it is not guaranteed, like many spells and workings. You will be going to a deity that deals with balance. In this case, I prefer Anubis, but there are many other deities that deal with Justice and Balance.

You will need to do a ritual and  burn a piece of paper with your request. However, if you are an astral walker, then you may go directly to the Deity to make the request. You will need to be very precise with the names and what you expect from the MNCO. If you need help, you can go through a mediator like Samael or Michael. You should know immediately if your request was accepted. It may not be. If that’s the case, you may need to rethink about what part you played in the situation before requesting the MNCO again.

I also wanted to add that this is also the safest way to deal with other covens. This can be a precaution, or you can do it when attacking begins. I find it easier to do a Magical No Contact Order rather than binding. Especially when I know that a person or group is out of control.

I will not include the ritual for this. I feel that is it personal for each individual and that it is a truly unique experience for each practitioner. Therefore, you need to let your intuition and spirits guide you in this matter. If you work with deities, you can ask for their help in doing the ritual or in assigning a mediator.

Remember to use magic wisely. Stay safe.

Arachnia Stoneskull

January 20, 2018; 10:22 a.m.

Photo Credit: ‘The Scroll of Wisdom’ by Sarafiel