This is one of my earlier evocations when I began writing rituals. This particular evocation I wrote for Hekate for the Night of Hekate, which is celebrated on November 16. This was included in the first public ritual I led. It was a very powerful and humbling experience that introduced me to Hekate in Crone form.


Evocation of Hekate

Great Goddess, Hekate,

We evoke thee and invite thee

to join our circle this evening.

We come to you in humility

to celebrate your greatness

this dark night.

Hekate, Goddess of Three,

Gentle Maiden, Holy Mother, Wise Crone,

hear us this evening.

As we walk between the worlds

into the depth of self discovery,

guide us.

Great Mother

Great Teacher

Great Goddess

We thank the

and welcome thee into our Circle.

Hail, and welcome!

So Mote It Be.

(November 16, 2012)

Photo Credit: “Hekate” by mari-na on DeviantArt