I admit that I am pretty amused when I see hexes and curses thrown around on the internet like confetti. Most people have no real power in sustaining a decent curse and it starves itself. Occasionally, there is the all out witch war. These are worrisome, and can spill over onto people that have nothing to do with the argument, but even then these wars seems to dissipate pretty quickly.

I have done several things to protect myself from these things. I won’t be discussing my more advanced magical practices, but thought I would share a few tips when it comes to curses and hexes.

What is a curse? It is something that is created to destabilize a person’s well-being magically and physically. Curses can come from anywhere, including our self. Yes, we can curse our self. This is why I don’t always recommend a “return to sender”. Double cursing one’s self is very unpleasant.

Here are some very simple ways to deflect and banish curses, jinxes, and hexes.

  1. Black Candle. When banishing energies that are created not only by emotions, but thought forms, I like to use the black candle method. You may dress the candle with anointing oils/herbs and scratch wards/sigils into the candle. If you are not that advanced, hold the candle in your hand, imagining the type of energy and intention you wish to instill in the candle. I like to place the candle in a central room with a lot of traffic, such as a living or dining room. After blessing the candle with intention, light it stating its purpose to banish. Then allow for it to burn completely out. Small candles work just as well as large ones, depending on how much negative energy has accrued in the house.
  2. Saging, Incense, Diffuser. Certain scents can “chase” away negative energy. Using any of these tools will help with neutralizing energy, but will not rid your house of entities or some thought forms.
  3. Sheilds and Grounding. The most useful techniques to know is how to shield and ground. Grounding helps with the emotional aspect of your body, while the sheilding protects you from being bombarded by thought forms and curses. My favorite types of shields include those that neutralize any energy that hit the shield, or those that have the curse roll off like teflon.
  4. Tinctures. These are potions and drinks that you can make to either take internally, pour, or spray to protect your space. I have used Florida Water, Entity Mace, and other tinctures for protection on the body, too. You can also use tinctures to enhance wards.
  5. Wards. These are symbols and sigils that can be used as protection and defense. There are many kinds of wards. There are wards for banishing, exorcisms, to keep away bad health, etc. I suggest doing wards on all portals. This includes doors, windows, toilets, drains, doorjambs/doorways, etc.
  6. Blessing. Blessing yourself, your house, and those you love can be a powerful protector against the common magician/witch. When you do a blessing, name the qualities you wish to bring into the blessing.
  7. Magical/Blessed/Consecrated Items. Many witches and magicians use consecrated and blessed jewelry or clothing for protection. This can include pendants, brooches, rings, bracelets, jackets, piercings, etc. Even tattoos can be consecrated for protection.
  8. Incantations/Rhymes/Mantras. This can be a very effective way to rid one’s self of curses and hexes, especially one’s we put on our self. I’ve known people that have had silly rhymes that were just as effective as a large ritual. This is because it is based on belief, will, and intent.

Armed with these basic techniques, you should be able to ward and defend yourself from curses and most other attacks. It is often said, where I come from, that the best offense is a good defense. This holds true even in magic. Remember to use magic responsibly and stay safe.

-Arachnia Stoneskull


Photo Credit: Seeking credit for artist.