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Empaths: Love, Lies, and Empathy



There is a trend now where people who are into magic are now claiming to be empaths and psychics. These people usually define their ’empathic’ skills in a way attaches value and bias to the emotions they claim to feel, feeding into the Positivity Culture Machine. Most people who claim to be an empath “feel” and “see” their version of good and positive values for people they like or who admire them, while placing negative values on events and people they don’t like. This article is going to discuss the difference between empathy and being empathic, and should clear away any confusion.

The community, especially in the last five years, has been flooded with many people that think they have special talents and gifts they do not actually possess. Many of the newer practitioners especially like to brag about being able to do everything. I can tell you now, even after discipline and training, there are still things I can’t do or that I am not good at. The biggest trend that most practitioners have grabbed onto is being an empath.

I think what people don’t understand is that showing empathy, which is the ability to understand what a person is experiencing, is much different than an empath. An empath directly experiences what the other person is currently going through – as if they were that person. It’s not “knowing” someone is in pain or their emotional state, but “feeling” it as they do. You are essentially transferring their emotions and physical pain into yourself. This is why I place true empaths under the category of a psychic vampire – they are taking in the person’s energy, whether it is consensual or not.

Also, empathy is usually learned. Being empathic is not learned; it is a direct connection to another person, being, or object. It is not understanding, it is knowing through direct experience.

For example, since I can remember, I have been able to feel what others felt. I generally know when someone is having a bad day, even if they are laughing and smiling. Many times I can tell who is an abuser, even if everyone else loves the person and there are no outward signs (usually it comes to light later). I can sit next to someone and know where they have pain, and what type. This transference of emotion and mental states is tiring and does acerbate my own problems. It’s not fun. I have had to developed shields in order to keep most of it from distracting me, because of it’s intensity. Unless I am invested in a relationship with a person, I won’t go out of my way to use my gifts. This is because it would mean that I would have to be open to real mental and physical anguish while working. This is also why I don’t “sell” my services regarding healing – it creates a link to physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual anguish. Also, anytime an empath uses their gifts, they make a connection, and we have a bad habit of getting entangled in people’s personal lives thereafter.


Empathy Does Not Equate to Love

The biggest falsity regarding being empathic is the idea that a true empath loves everything. The reasoning behind this is the premise if you understand it, then you cannot judge it. This cultivates the thought that everyone and everything needs to be loved the way the “empath” views love. This may lead to shaming of others who understand that the world is not made of Love and Light. It is good to have hope and do what you can to be happy – it is detrimental to deny events and feelings that are uncomfortable.

I also think one of the greatest disservices that Positivity Culture has created is the falsity that love is the answer to everything – and true enlightenment means that you must love and understand everything. This is not true. Once you experience what most people think and feel, and how it’s effected everything around them, you may understand them. However, that doesn’t mean that you love them – or that you even want to be around them. Most people have emotions that are shallow and completely uncontrolled. I have rarely met an actual person that loves other people, for example.

Let me explain by what I mean people rarely feel love. As an empath, this is how I experienced other people’s self-proclaimed love; possession, admiration, greed, wanting to be the ‘number one’ person in everyone’s lives, narcissism, longing to be loved and important, loyalty, friendship, desperation, lust, etc. Rarely have I felt people truly love. Those that cry out that love is the universal law have a deep longing to fit in and want others to admire and love them. Many are parroting the words, and I feel their disgust towards the people they direct the phrase towards. It’s why I get a stomachache when I hear people give any type of blessing or ‘positivity’ phrase – being an empath I can physically feel lies and the emotions behind it.

This may be a big reason why people who directly experience others are actually more likely to be grumpy and want to be secluded. When you can directly know the feelings and motives of people, the world becomes tiresome and sickening. You may even be able to feel the sickness, not only in humans, but the Earth itself. It doesn’t go away; it is all the time and bleeds into dreams and waking life.

Empaths also have their own systems for knowing truth, and it always involves physical feelings. This is not a “knowing”, or an observation of body language, or even “feeling energy”; it is a direct experience. For me, I have a spectrum of pain when experiencing another person lying. Here is an example of what I mean by having a direct experience of emotion and intent. If someone is knowingly lying, especially for manipulation, to me it feels like a constant stabbing in my heart or solar plexus (depending on what they are lying about). If someone is lying about how they feel about another person, I will either feel emptiness or whatever real emotion that person has towards the one they claim to have positive feelings for. If a person is lying, but isn’t aware, I usually feel a dull ache in my heart. It is different for every empath, but it is a physical feeling versus mental knowing.

This is also how I know if a person is lying about what they are, or can do. I also know which people really believe it; and which ones know they are charlatans, but are looking to profit or be famous.

It is benevolent to have empathy and try to understand people. It is a great goal to want to make the world a better place based on your own personal experience. However, unless you actually experience others as you would your own self, you are not a empath.

Stay true to yourself, and Hail Self!

Arachnia Stoneskull

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Psychic Vampirism: Dispelling the Myth


I am a type of vampire. My strengths include energy work, which to be effective I need to be able to give and take any type of energy. This energy may be emotional, mental, sexual, magical, an illness, etc. This may be a surprise, but even empathy is a type of vampirism, because empaths feed and utilize emotional energy.

Though my other articles focused on defense from vampires, I wanted to dispel the stigma of vampirism.

Many people call themselves vampires, or practice vampirism as a type of fad – or worse because they want to imitate the vampires seen in movies. This is not a game or a fad. Some of us do blood and energy work, which is heavily tied to death and the Cthonic deities. This is also how I received my knowledge of previous articles – I know from both side of the “coin” what vampires can or cannot do.

This may sound frightening if you buy into the idea of Love and Light, but without Darkness and Chaos, there is no existence. This article is targeted towards those with vampiric talent, but also the curious. I have my personal reasons for outing myself – one is that I prefer to be transparent.

I am going to discuss the psychic vampire aspects, not blood (sanguine) vampires, in this article. I’ll define what a psychic vampire is, a scope of abilities for beginners to know, and briefly touch upon ethics.

What is a Psychic Vampire?

What does it mean to be a psychic vampire? It is quite simple, instead of feeding and working with blood as a life source, a psychic vampire feeds off various energies. Psychic vampires are the most common of vampires.

Many healers work with vampiric energies, as they need to connect with a source and channel (feed off) that entity’s energy. The fact that they too feel healthier during the healing season is a sign that they have taken in the essence and magic of that being. This includes Reiki, which taps into the All to receive healing energies.

The reality is that all people, on some level, are psychic vampires. Not all people have the same abilities, but anyone can “feed” off energy from a concert, the calmness of a forest, or hanging out with a best friend. When you go from one emotional state into another that is reflective of the environment, you are feeding off the emotion and mental energy of the place – and sometimes the very signature of the place or event.

Most people are only basic psychic vampires, and don’t have certain gifts or skill sets. It is nothing to be afraid of; we all can be amplifiers or drainers of other people. This is why I suggest boundaries and shields for everyone.

I will be addressing more about latent vampirism and also empaths in upcoming articles.

What Can a Psychic Vampire Do?

Practicing energy manipulation and feeding is one way of finding out the different things you can do. Here is a brief list that I have discovered, along with the help of others:

  • Feeding for extra strength
  • Healing
  • Creating a bond
  • Glamour
  • Enslaving
  • Mind control
  • Changing moods
  • Manipulation of an individual or a crowd
  • Growth
  • Death, Physical
  • Death, Soul (Souleater trait)
  • Learn magic abilities from others by touch
  • Control Spirits through vampirism (Souleater trait)
  • Feed off of Spirits and Entities (Souleater trait)
  • Stabilize emotions (yours and others)
  • Giving energy to another person

As you can see, there are many uses for vampirism. The uses can be beneficial or malignant, depending on your intentions.

I do refer to some of these, such as healing or emotional manipulation, as reverse vampirism, because a person gives energy back versus taking it. However, you need to know how to take in order to give.

Ethics and Vampirism

Let’s talk about ethics. Ethics are purely individual, but I will discuss some of my ethics. I am a Souleater, so I don’t need a lot of energy to maintain my spiritual and physical being. I have the ability to feed off of entities, too. However, not every vampire has these abilities. This may be why my ethics differ from someone who is only a succubus/incubus, empath, demon/angel/djinn, or normal psychic vampire.

Here are some general rules that I go by, for example:

  1. CONSENT. This is my first, and biggest, rule. I feel that consent is very important. There are times that consent is not needed, such as for offensive or defensive magic. However, I will get consent for healing, as some people do not want to be healed. I go by the rule, “Your body, your decision”.
  2. No Innocents; No Children. I will not hurt children or innocents. An innocent is not someone who is without guilt. It is someone who does not have the capacity to understand how the world works, or who does not have the ability to control certain biological functions. I define children as any being that has not reached menses or first seed. The latter view is Celestial, according to the gods, angels, and demons that I have worked with over the past few years.

These are the two main rules that I have when practicing most types of magic, including vampirism. I find these rules cover all my personal moral codes, too. Objectivity is pretty important – ask yourself why you are doing it. As always, ethics and morals are personal choices.

Though very brief, these highlights should bring some understanding into psychic vampirism. Stay Thirsty and Hail Thyself!

-Arachnia Stoneskull

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Vampirism Part 1: Psychic Vampires




All life needs some form of energy to survive. In the natural order of things the predator eats the prey; the predator dies and fertilizes the soil; the soil then grows plants that the prey consume; and the cycle begins again with the predator eating the prey. Even a human body needs to consume other living things such as plants, animals, and fungi. It is a simple fact of life and a cycle. While this is overly simplistic, it makes a point – it is necessary and natural to consume something with life force to create the energy needed to live.

As humans we have placed ourselves out of the cycle. The current trend of consumption of all kinds from electronics to an overabundance of rich food is a new cycle; one of self destruction through instant gratification and entitlement. I believe the ideology behind our consumption has fostered the current trend of instant gratification and narcissism we see in today’s modern society. I believe this is also one of the many underlying reasons that vampirism has become a popular subject and controversy.

In the occult and witchcraft communities there has been a noticeable rising trend of vampirism. Whether it’s a blatant statement of being a vampire, or accusing other people of being vampires; it has become a major issue in online forums and groups.

Before going any further, I wish it to be known I am not against anything that consensual adults agree upon. If a person is of sound mind, and wishes to involve themselves in taboo activities, it’s frankly no one’s business but their own. What I’ll be discussing is the types of energy vampirism that may be used without consent.


What is a Vampire?

Vampires have been popular as monsters in the past. In modern times they are romanticized as mysterious entities with emotions. Like witchcraft, the rise of occult interest in vampires seems quite popular with the disenfranchised. Many of the younger generation have a romantic views of what a vampire is, while the older community tends to revel in the darkness of the original vampire ideology. A vampire, in the sense I will be writing about, is anyone that consumes another being’s energy or life essence. Life force would be akin to the energy that keeps your ethereal and physical body alive, in this instance. Feeding can be done with physical fluids, or ethereal (spiritual) energy. It can be taken through the mouth, hands, genitals, or even tentacles/appendages attached to the astral body.

As humans we all have some ability to connect and either take away, or send energy. This is natural, though some people who think they do this are vampires. That is not true since they don’t need the energy, they just react to the energy sent or taken. Vampires need the sustenance from energy or fluids to survive, or they will become sick and weak. In some some instances a lack of an energy source can lead to insanity or, in rare cases, death.

Though there are communities that actually drink blood and fluids, I will not be discussing these types of vampires. The different types of vampires I’ll be addressing are commonly referred to psychic vampires, or psy-vamps. These types of vampires feed off of energy essence and life force.


Types of Vampires

There are many ways to consume life force, and many reasons to do it. Vampires, however, need it in order to maintain their health. Most people that claim to be psy-vamps are collectors of energy that get a high from the feeding, similar to a junkie. They do not need it to survive, but enjoy the rush of consumption. This, honestly, is most people I have met or spoken with in forums and online communities. They are not true vampires, but energy junkies. True vampires need certain types of energy to restore their own energy supply. They consume because the need is similar to a lion needing to eat a gazelle to sustain its strength. For simplicity, we’ll call the following psy-vamps for all energy eaters, since the feeding is done similarly.

Emotional Energy Vampire: This is perhaps the most common of psy-vamps. These vampires need emotional energy. Most have to touch a person, or be in the same room where their target resides. There are a few that have the ability to troll for energy through the internet, but that is also a physical locale. The reason I call internet forums a physical locale is because a person can tangibly touch the screen, and see the target’s picture or comments.

Being the most common type of vampire, it’s the most easy to identify. Sometimes they seem the nicest people, and want to “take away your negative feelings and emotions.” This seems quite benevolent, until you realize that you are drained of energy, becoming exhausted. Everyone needs their painful and uncomfortable feelings, as these emotions are part of the spiritual growth process. It’s not just energy taken, but your personal experiences.

Psy-vamps may also invoke a specific emotion to feed off the person. However, just because a person is narcissistic or antagonistic, does not mean they are a vampire feeding off your energy.

There are many different subcategories of emotional energy vampires from the narcissist that feeds off of the misery of others (or alternatively must be adored and will do anything to get that emotional energy high), to the Social Vampire that feeds off of the emotions created by social situations.

Spiritual Energy Vampire: These vampires feed off the actual energy created by the soul. That is to say these people eat the essence from actual energy centers. Essentially they are stealing the power source behind an individual’s magical abilities in order to amplify their own power or skills. These people would be akin to the African shamans and warriors that eat people to consume their power – though vampires usually just take the energy through etheric means and do not consume flesh.

This type of energy thief is common in occult and witchcraft communities. I have seen several pose as teachers and offer help to “cap,” “consume,” or “get rid” of negative auras, magic, or energy. They usually claim that a person has attracted dark forces to them, and offer to help the target control their powers that attract these dark beings. DO NOT, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, GIVE YOUR POWER AWAY FREELY.

Sexual Vampires: Sexual vampires are also known as succubus (female) and incubus (male). These types of vampires need both emotional intimacy and physical sex in order to feel healthy. Usually this requires physical contact.

I have had several women and men claim to be succubus/incubus, but state they are celibate. These are not true sexual vampires, but usually people that crave attention and adoration (and most likely fall into a class of Emotional Vampire, if they are truly vampires). A Sexual Vampire needs sexual and intimate contact on a regular basis – or they begin to feel spiritually, emotional, mentally, and physically ill.

Astral Vampires: On great occasion there are vampires that can travel astrally to fulfill their needs, and don’t need to have physical contact with the target. They may be any type of vampire mentioned above. While a connection may be established, most people can’t sustain an emotional energy high, or successful feeding, through manifesting the spiritual act into the physical plane. I’ve met less than a handful of vampires that are successful at this technique; especially feeding through sex and touch in dreams. These are usually very powerful magicians in their own right with years of practice. I would venture to say these are the most dangerous types of vampires, and the hardest types to break off the connection.

As a side note, if someone claims they have no human contact but are vampiric, this person is most likely not a vampire and may have a mental illness. These types of people should be avoided as they can be manipulators within their own right.

In closing, no one is inherently evil or malevolent, even vampires. There are a lot of vampires that practice ethically and understand how to take safety measures for both parties involved. I have found it is the people who use vampirism as a pretense that pose a problem. Regarding any energy practice, a person must consider all consequences, and take full responsibility for their actions.

In the next article I’ll discuss more how to identify different types of bonds created through energy, and symptoms of a psychic vampire attack.

-Arachnia Stoneskull

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