I am a type of vampire. My strengths include energy work, which to be effective I need to be able to give and take any type of energy. This energy may be emotional, mental, sexual, magical, an illness, etc. This may be a surprise, but even empathy is a type of vampirism, because empaths feed and utilize emotional energy.

Though my other articles focused on defense from vampires, I wanted to dispel the stigma of vampirism.

Many people call themselves vampires, or practice vampirism as a type of fad – or worse because they want to imitate the vampires seen in movies. This is not a game or a fad. Some of us do blood and energy work, which is heavily tied to death and the Cthonic deities. This is also how I received my knowledge of previous articles – I know from both side of the “coin” what vampires can or cannot do.

This may sound frightening if you buy into the idea of Love and Light, but without Darkness and Chaos, there is no existence. This article is targeted towards those with vampiric talent, but also the curious. I have my personal reasons for outing myself – one is that I prefer to be transparent.

I am going to discuss the psychic vampire aspects, not blood (sanguine) vampires, in this article. I’ll define what a psychic vampire is, a scope of abilities for beginners to know, and briefly touch upon ethics.

What is a Psychic Vampire?

What does it mean to be a psychic vampire? It is quite simple, instead of feeding and working with blood as a life source, a psychic vampire feeds off various energies. Psychic vampires are the most common of vampires.

Many healers work with vampiric energies, as they need to connect with a source and channel (feed off) that entity’s energy. The fact that they too feel healthier during the healing season is a sign that they have taken in the essence and magic of that being. This includes Reiki, which taps into the All to receive healing energies.

The reality is that all people, on some level, are psychic vampires. Not all people have the same abilities, but anyone can “feed” off energy from a concert, the calmness of a forest, or hanging out with a best friend. When you go from one emotional state into another that is reflective of the environment, you are feeding off the emotion and mental energy of the place – and sometimes the very signature of the place or event.

Most people are only basic psychic vampires, and don’t have certain gifts or skill sets. It is nothing to be afraid of; we all can be amplifiers or drainers of other people. This is why I suggest boundaries and shields for everyone.

I will be addressing more about latent vampirism and also empaths in upcoming articles.

What Can a Psychic Vampire Do?

Practicing energy manipulation and feeding is one way of finding out the different things you can do. Here is a brief list that I have discovered, along with the help of others:

  • Feeding for extra strength
  • Healing
  • Creating a bond
  • Glamour
  • Enslaving
  • Mind control
  • Changing moods
  • Manipulation of an individual or a crowd
  • Growth
  • Death, Physical
  • Death, Soul (Souleater trait)
  • Learn magic abilities from others by touch
  • Control Spirits through vampirism (Souleater trait)
  • Feed off of Spirits and Entities (Souleater trait)
  • Stabilize emotions (yours and others)
  • Giving energy to another person

As you can see, there are many uses for vampirism. The uses can be beneficial or malignant, depending on your intentions.

I do refer to some of these, such as healing or emotional manipulation, as reverse vampirism, because a person gives energy back versus taking it. However, you need to know how to take in order to give.

Ethics and Vampirism

Let’s talk about ethics. Ethics are purely individual, but I will discuss some of my ethics. I am a Souleater, so I don’t need a lot of energy to maintain my spiritual and physical being. I have the ability to feed off of entities, too. However, not every vampire has these abilities. This may be why my ethics differ from someone who is only a succubus/incubus, empath, demon/angel/djinn, or normal psychic vampire.

Here are some general rules that I go by, for example:

  1. CONSENT. This is my first, and biggest, rule. I feel that consent is very important. There are times that consent is not needed, such as for offensive or defensive magic. However, I will get consent for healing, as some people do not want to be healed. I go by the rule, “Your body, your decision”.
  2. No Innocents; No Children. I will not hurt children or innocents. An innocent is not someone who is without guilt. It is someone who does not have the capacity to understand how the world works, or who does not have the ability to control certain biological functions. I define children as any being that has not reached menses or first seed. The latter view is Celestial, according to the gods, angels, and demons that I have worked with over the past few years.

These are the two main rules that I have when practicing most types of magic, including vampirism. I find these rules cover all my personal moral codes, too. Objectivity is pretty important – ask yourself why you are doing it. As always, ethics and morals are personal choices.

Though very brief, these highlights should bring some understanding into psychic vampirism. Stay Thirsty and Hail Thyself!

-Arachnia Stoneskull

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